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I plan to keep this blog/creatrix relationship going for as long as my brain and fingers allow me to do so.  –  “Seventh Anniversary

Eight years now.  Damn.  There are quite a few older blogs, but I daresay not many bigger ones; despite travels, travails and troubles, I’ve somehow managed to produce a post every single day since July 10th, 2010.  That’s almost 3000 of them now, and that isn’t even counting the books, essays for other publications, audio and video interviews, and speeches I’ve given in public (not to mention the innumerable unrecorded rants to which I’ve subjected my admiring clients and long-suffering friends, the latter not always while entirely sober).  I’ve produced so much material, in fact, that I’m currently in the process of collecting it into “best of” volumes, which will be available both in paper and Kindle format; the first of them, The Essential Maggie McNeill, Volume I, should be available within a month.  Each one will consist of 52 essays, roughly 1.7% of my total output to date.  I’d like to have as many of them done as possible by the time I need to start gallivanting about the country promoting my forthcoming documentary, The War on Whores.  I’m still deeply sad and bone-tired, but the fury of my deeply-offended sense of justice is driving me on (with the assistance of friends, pharmaceuticals and of course lovely, lovely money), so I plan to keep this up until I croak.  And as those of you who’ve been paying attention for the past eight years know, I can always be counted on to persevere as long as it is humanly possible to do so, and then just a bit longer.

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Last week was quite a lovely one; Angela Keaton came to visit, and we always have a great time together (including the party on Saturday night and dinner & a show with two other ladies, courtesy of a generous gentleman, on Sunday).  She didn’t leave until yesterday morning, then yesterday evening I had a date with one of my favorite clients and today I’m driving out to Sunset with Jae for the holiday.  I also got half of The Essential Maggie McNeill, Volume One formatted; after it’s all done I’ll have to do some editing of the essays so they can stand alone in book form, and I’d like to have it ready for sale by the end of the month.  Last week also saw the release of a podcast I recorded in London with Miranda Kane and Bibi Lynch while I was there with Brooke Magnanti in May; they also recorded one with Brooke the same day, and her episode premiered last week.  But I guess the biggest news of the week was the release of the trailer for my upcoming documentary; I’ll give you more on that as I get it!

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