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Social morality cannot be used to violate the fundamental rights of even a single individual.  –  Dipak Misra

Maggie in the Media 

Peeping Toms

While the US increases interference into private lives, India goes the other way:

India’s Supreme Court…struck down a colonial-era law that made gay sex punishable by up to 10 years in prison, a landmark victory for gay rights that one judge said would “pave the way for a better future.”  The 1861 law, a relic of Victorian England that hung on long after the end of British colonialism, was a weapon used to discriminate against India’s gay community, the judges ruled in a unanimous decision…the court said sexual orientation was a “biological phenomenon” and that discrimination on that basis violated fundamental rights…


I’m sure you feel safer now:

Olivia Munn’s new film, The Predator, is making headlines not just because of its premiere but because Twentieth Century Fox pulled a scene from the film after it was revealed that director Shane Black had cast a registered sex offender to play a small part.  Munn [complained] to the…studio and has now [bragged] about it on social media…Steven Wilder Striegel…pleaded guilty in 2010 to allegations that he attempted to lure a 14 year-old girl into a sexual relationship via the internet…Munn wrote…”excerpts from the arrest affidavit are beyond disturbing and completely contradict Wilder’s version of how he was convicted”…

Try not to throw up when you read all the bootlicking statements about how everything pigs and prosecutors say is unquestionable holy truth.


This brings the toll to 19 so far this year:

Vontashia Bell, an 18-year-old transgender woman was fatally shot multiple times in Shreveport, Louisiana, on August 30…Later that day, Dejanay Stanton’s body was found in an alley on Chicago’s South Side…Like Bell, Stanton had been shot to death…In Philadelphia, police are looking for the person or persons behind the murder of Shantee Tucker, a 30-year-old trans woman who was found shot in the back [on August 29th]…With their deaths, there have now been 19 known killings of transgender or nonbinary people this year, with 13 of them being black

Whither Canada? (#813)

A new challenge is only necessary because Liberals lied about repealing the law:

Across Canada, sex workers are still regularly being charged with crimes because of their profession.  Their clients, too, are being targeted by police…Canada’s new laws…have only made things worse…Bill C-36, came into effect in 2014 under Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, and it was opposed by all opposition parties at the time, including Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, who contended that the legislation was unconstitutional and failed to comply with th[e] Supreme Court ruling [which decriminalized sex work].  During the 2015 federal election campaign, Trudeau vowed to undo or fix various criminal justice reforms brought in by his predecessor, painting the Tories’ tough-on-crime agenda as heartless and damaging…But now—three years after the Liberals won a majority government, four years after C-36 came into force, five years after the Supreme Court ruled that Canada’s long-standing prostitution laws were unconstitutional…any plans for reform appear to have stalled…After years of patience with the Liberals, sex workers are beginning to speak out again…A constitutional challenge to the Harper-era laws is facing a Charter challenge in a London, Ont. courtroom, which promises to extend into years of further legal wrangling.  The Pivot Legal Society, an intervenor in the Bedford case…[is] considering another challenge…

Pyrrhic Victory (#854)

The problem with facial recognition isn’t that it’s inaccurate, which would give victims a way to fight it legally.  The problem is that it won’t stay inaccurate for much longer:

Sixteen states let the FBI use face recognition technology to compare the faces of suspected criminals to their driver’s license and ID photos…at least 26 states allow [in-state pigs] to run or request [such] searches…Roughly 50 percent of American adults have their photos searched this way — meaning that 117 million adults are included in law enforcement face recognition networks…But critics question the…[use of] software which is known for problems with accuracy — especially in…people of color…At a time when artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly [sold to the deeply stupid] as a tool to keep us safe, experts are beginning to sound the alarm…for privacy…Clare Garvie, an associate with the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law [points out that] other police investigative tools — such as wiretaps and fingerprints — are heavily regulated, requiring a judge to issue a warrant for use.  But only a handful of state laws touch on face recognition…Garvie compares the presence of police video cameras enabled with face recognition technology on every corner to the act of a [pig rooting] through a protest demanding to see identification of everyone…face recognition cameras do the same thing — while capturing faces and identifying people remotely and in secret…

Full of Themselves (#860)

Let’s hope this attempt to harass Asian massage parlors out of business harms licensed masseuses even more:

Coralville and Iowa City joined the growing number of local city governments in passing ordinances that target…massage parlors since the Iowa Legislature gave cities the ability to regulate requirements last year.  [Prohibitionists pretend] human trafficking in massage parlors is an issue in Iowa City…

As long as politicians can successfully draw lines between adult businesses and others, they will continue to.

Business As Usual (#868) 

Rapists and murders say they want to “regain public trust” by not raping and murdering as much for the next few weeks:

Columbus Division of Police is temporarily suspending routine vice operations in part to regain public trust in light of two high-profile [abuses of power by] vice [cops] in the last 45 days.  The vice [pen], which includes about 20 [pigs], will spend the next 28 days providing command staff with information on how [raids] are conducted, Deputy Chief Tim Becker said…On July 11, vice [cops] arrested adult film actress Stormy Daniels and two other women following Daniels’ performance at the Sirens strip club…City Attorney Zach Klein…said he would no longer prosecute cases involving inappropriate touching by dancers.  Becker also issued a memo…barring vice and narcotics [pigs] from [rooting] into strip clubs without a specific complaint and permission from Becker or Chief Kim Jacobs…On Aug. 23, [disguised pig] Andrew Mitchell…[murdered] 23-year-old Donna Castleberry while he was [trying to rape her]…Mitchell…had a citizen complaint filed against him less than a week before the [murder]…During the 28-day vice review, only the “most critical” vice cases will be investigated, Becker said…

What, pray tell, constitutes a “vital” intrusion of armed thugs into people’s consensual acts?  Because that’s exactly what “vice” policing is.

The Widening Gyre (#870) 

Cops are trying to regain control of the runaway moral panic by releasing even more hysterical exaggeration than the Facebook loons:

You may have seen the Facebook posts…A young woman fears being followed by “strange” men, in the store or the parking lot…she believes that she was being followed as part of an attempt to kidnap her for a human trafficking sex ring.  However, local authorities say, the posts are reinforcing a common misconception:  real life bogeymen waiting in parking lots, snatching young women off the street and forcing them to have sex with others.  Unfortunately, the truth is far worse: a human trafficker can be anyone you know…And victims of human trafficking can be anyone — human trafficking victims look just like you or me, a child or an adult…

Hide under your bed!  Trust no one!  Don’t form personal relationships!  “Sex traffickers” are EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

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Diary #428

I really like sharing my nice things with those who appreciate them.  That includes the fresh eggs my chickens are churning out at a truly stupefying rate, which I’m sharing with my friends and neighbors; it also includes space on my Amazon wishlist, which sometimes contains things for Grace to use in working to fix up Sunset, like the miter saw table sent to me this week by the extremely generous  Square Peg!  I also received a new can opener and one of my favorite varieties of tea from Akalalalalamala.  Thank you both so much!  I’ve asked Jae to make a list of things I should get for Shiloh, because she is a pretty pony and therefore needs pretty pony stuff; if you’re of a mind to give me stuff like that, please keep an eye on my wishlist over the next week or two.  Also, have a listen to the most recent episode of Thaddeus Russell’s podcast, in which Thad interviews Joshua Childress, who resigned from the US Border Patrol after listening to the previous episode of the same podcast featuring yours truly.  At one point he tells Thad, “Maggie McNeill has more courage than I will ever have. She’s my hero.”  And that kind of testimonial, y’all, is exactly what gives me the strength to keep doing this.

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Last week was another lovely one, full of gifts and good clients!  Robin Aguilar sent me a snakeskin-print bodysuit which I’ll be modelling for y’all when it gets a bit cooler; I also got a compact music system for my incall from Siggi Bjarnason; and a new Chromebook (to replace my trusty but now-failing one) from J.A. Sutherland!  I suspect all these generous gents were inspired by either my anniversary, or Friday the 13th, or both; if you missed those occasions last week but would like to send a gift or donation, I don’t mind when things come in a bit late.  Really I don’t.  Anyhow, I was also on Tina Dupuy‘s show last week, and by the time you read this I should have half of the essays for The Essential Maggie McNeill edited, which means it’s on course to be available in August.  All that and an impromptu selfie, too!  I thought my hair was a bit too messy here, but everybody seemed to like it on Twitter.  And I guess a picture where I look kinda like I just got out of bed (actually, the shower) can’t help but be sexy.

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I plan to keep this blog/creatrix relationship going for as long as my brain and fingers allow me to do so.  –  “Seventh Anniversary

Eight years now.  Damn.  There are quite a few older blogs, but I daresay not many bigger ones; despite travels, travails and troubles, I’ve somehow managed to produce a post every single day since July 10th, 2010.  That’s almost 3000 of them now, and that isn’t even counting the books, essays for other publications, audio and video interviews, and speeches I’ve given in public (not to mention the innumerable unrecorded rants to which I’ve subjected my admiring clients and long-suffering friends, the latter not always while entirely sober).  I’ve produced so much material, in fact, that I’m currently in the process of collecting it into “best of” volumes, which will be available both in paper and Kindle format; the first of them, The Essential Maggie McNeill, Volume I, should be available within a month.  Each one will consist of 52 essays, roughly 1.7% of my total output to date.  I’d like to have as many of them done as possible by the time I need to start gallivanting about the country promoting my forthcoming documentary, The War on Whores.  I’m still deeply sad and bone-tired, but the fury of my deeply-offended sense of justice is driving me on (with the assistance of friends, pharmaceuticals and of course lovely, lovely money), so I plan to keep this up until I croak.  And as those of you who’ve been paying attention for the past eight years know, I can always be counted on to persevere as long as it is humanly possible to do so, and then just a bit longer.

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Last week was quite a lovely one; Angela Keaton came to visit, and we always have a great time together (including the party on Saturday night and dinner & a show with two other ladies, courtesy of a generous gentleman, on Sunday).  She didn’t leave until yesterday morning, then yesterday evening I had a date with one of my favorite clients and today I’m driving out to Sunset with Jae for the holiday.  I also got half of The Essential Maggie McNeill, Volume One formatted; after it’s all done I’ll have to do some editing of the essays so they can stand alone in book form, and I’d like to have it ready for sale by the end of the month.  Last week also saw the release of a podcast I recorded in London with Miranda Kane and Bibi Lynch while I was there with Brooke Magnanti in May; they also recorded one with Brooke the same day, and her episode premiered last week.  But I guess the biggest news of the week was the release of the trailer for my upcoming documentary; I’ll give you more on that as I get it!

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On Thursday, I returned to Seattle from London; the two halves of the trip couldn’t have been much more different.  The transatlantic leg saw me assigned a business-class seat very early, attended to by a sweet and maternal air hostess, and comfortably sleeping through the first five hours of a smooth, quiet flight in my roomy full-recline seat with a soft pillow and snuggly blanket.  But for the transcontinental leg, I was placed at the last minute in the usual bolt-upright bus seat which barely has room for my rather petite self, much less enough room for either of the people I was stuck between.  After pulling away from the gate we were forced to sit on the runway for two hours, increasing the total time I was stuck in that seat to about eight hours and increasing the amount of Valium needed to stay calm by double; on top of that the ride was bumpy most of the way, even on the approach to Seattle.  By the time I got home it was nearly 11 PM and I hadn’t had any solid food for roughly 25 hours, so after an egg sandwich and some Vegemite toast it was straight to bed for me, and I only woke up two hours early the next morning.  I’m still not quite back to normal; as I type this it’s only 9:30 PM but I’m already fighting off sleep, despite having retired and arisen at my normal times.  Ah, well, in a few more days I hope to be rested up and back to what passes for normal in my world.  In the meantime, you might be interested in this article I wrote for the current print edition of Reason; I’d also point you in the direction of Tina Dupuy’s radio show on Sirius from last Friday, but it was live and I don’t think there’s a way to listen to it now.  But for the time being, I should probably get a strong cup of tea before I fall asleep and crash my head into this keyboard.

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Last week was just as crammed full of the same kind of stuff as the week before, plus I’m trying to get as many columns in the pipeline as possible before I leave a week from today to visit the UK with Brooke Magnanti.  So far it’s going well; if I keep up this pace I’ll have everything done through June 2nd by the time I land in London, with the exception of the next couple of diary columns (which I obviously can’t do that far ahead), two picture columns like the ones I did on my trips with Lorelei, and the news column for June 3rd (which I will be able to finish on the trip as long as I can average a paltry one item per day).  You may have noticed that my news columns run 9 to 13 items; I’ve been artificially keeping them at 9 for the past couple of weeks so I can use a sort of toothpaste-tube effect to ensure I get all the May columns done by the time I arrive in London.  That way, I don’t have to stress about it on my trip.  Of course, the pipeline will be empty by the time I get back, but of late I’ve gotten pretty good at rebuilding the queue, so it won’t take long to get back up to my normal lead of 3 to 5 columns.  If you’re interested in taking advantage of my special, you only have until Sunday; but if you just want to see me and hear my Jessica Rabbit voice you need look no further than the podcast below, recorded two weeks ago when I was in LA.

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