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Mardi Gras 2016

Maybe the places where many of y’all live don’t observe it, but I still do. So Happy Mardi Gras, dear readers!

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Imbolc 2016

Sometimes things that seem dead are just waiting for the right conditions to awaken; may all the things that do so in your life be good ones. Blessed Be!

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Little Christmas 2016

Vicky the Winter Witch
If you’re confused about why there’s a picture of a sexy witch on my blog today, I suggest you read last year’s column for the occasion, which also (not by coincidence) contains links to the columns for the previous four years.  That should give you all the information you need to understand why I’m wishing some of my readers a Merry Christmas, some a Good Epiphany and others a Happy King Day, and welcoming all of you to the Carnival season!

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New Year’s Day 2016

Delightful Surprise by Gil Elvgren
Happy New Year, dear readers!

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Then, I was inspired;
Now, I’m sad and tired.  –  Tim Rice, Jesus Christ Superstar

Life Shattering by Martz90 (2012)This has been a year of dramatic change in my life, and to a slightly lesser extent in this blog, and so I’m sure most of you won’t be surprised when this column breaks the tradition of New Year’s Eve columns that I maintained for five years.  In the past, I would write a thorough synopsis of the year’s events, with copious links to the columns in question; this year, I’m afraid that I have neither the time nor the energy for such an exhaustive reiteration.  Whereas I used to prepare non-news columns weeks in advance, now I’m lucky if I’m two days ahead; most of the time it’s only one, and sometimes I hit “schedule” just hours (and in a few cases, mere minutes) before press time.  The main reason for this is that my life is a lot busier now: rather than living in semi-retirement on a ranch in the country with an estranged husband and a minimum of face-to-face interaction with others beside Grace, I’m now back to work full time in Seattle with a girlfriend recovering from a severe motorcycle accident, and I have to make a specific effort to get the time and privacy I need to write.  That’s why I haven’t managed to get another book out; I’ve only barely managed to keep the blog going, and I can’t recall a time when I was so continually exhausted yet so unable to obtain adequate rest and recuperation.  On top of that I’m almost six years older now than when I started – I’ve gone from not-much-past-forty to nearly-fifty in calendar years, and I couldn’t even estimate how much I’ve aged experientially.  Barely anything about my life is the same now as it was two Decembers past, and even my self has changed to a point that would cause the Maggie of 2010 to reel in shock.  I spend hours every day processing my thoughts, feelings and newly-acquired knowledge, and yet the sheer volume and gravity of the stuff I have to process precludes my getting it all done anytime soon.  But if there’s one thing I know with certainty, it’s this: my commitment to the cause of sex worker rights is greater than it has ever been, and if anything it will only increase in the year to come.

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Sailing into uncharted seas inevitably leads to both wonders and perils, some of them predictable and others completely unforeseen; anyone who can’t accept that needs to stay at home on the shore.  –  “Uncharted Seas

When to leaveWhile November is heavy on holidays, December is absolutely dominated by them; in 2012 the columns on holiday topics made up more than a third of the columns that weren’t news or links (and almost a third with those included).  They included “The Trafficking of Santa“, “End Violence, Not Demand“, “Visions of Sugarplums” (the fictional interlude),  “The Winter Solstice“, “Christmas Eve 2012“, “The First Christmas“, “The Feast of Stephen“, “My Favorite Christmas Things” and “New Year’s Eve 2012“.  This was the last month before I switched to answering reader questions weekly rather than monthly, and this month’s roster shows two-women-and-one-manthe reason for the change; beside the regular Q & A column I also published “Sugar, Sugar” and “Still More Mentoring“, and both “IF” and “Just Friends” could have been done that way if I wanted them to be, since both topics (my blog’s indexing and whether men and women could really be friends) have been asked of me often enough.  Once the “news and commentary” columns (“Buried Truth“, “Accredited Whores” and “On the Simultaneous Having and Eating of Cake” are accounted for, all that’s left are four philosophy columns: “Conflation Creates Criminality” (on the conflation of pejoratives); “Like a Horse and Carriage” and “Uncharted Seas” (on the implications of same-sex marriage); and “Any Old Port” (on the fallacy at the heart of “addiction” rhetoric).spaceship

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Boxing Day 2015

Boxing Day cats
So as usual, I knocked myself out preparing a feast yesterday. But today, I’m just going to relax as much as my nature and conditions permit. If you’re itching for something to read, there are plenty of holiday columns from the past. Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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