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I’ve been with a wide variety of providers in my past and I’m now married to a wonderful woman, but I still feel the need to share thoughts and experiences (and nothing else) with someone who is extraordinarily open-minded and intelligent.  Might you be able to introduce me to someone else whom I could connect with? 

I’m interested in connecting with anybody willing to pay for my time, whether sex is involved or not; I have regular gents for whom sex is only a small part of their relationship with me.  However, I’m hearing that you’re not looking for a courtesan but a platonic friend in a relationship without a pragmatic element in either direction, yours or hers.  And if that is indeed the case, I’m afraid there is nothing I can do for you.  While I’m flattered that you think I have the kind of wisdom a matchmaker requires and puzzled that you think I could invest the time and effort to find a match for a stranger, there are entire dating & “friend finder” services dedicated to this kind of thing.  It’s just not something a lone person, even one with the talent and energy that I lack, can do for anyone outside of a small and tight-knit community.  I wish you good luck in whatever it is you’re searching for, though.

(Have a question of your own?  Please consult this page to see if I’ve answered it in a previous column, and if not just click here to ask me via email.)

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Diary #384

When one is down and feeling the weight of the world on one’s shoulders, it’s always such a wonderful thing to be reminded that one is loved, admired, cared about or otherwise has a positive effect on the lives of others.  Gift-giving occasions like birthdays are really good in this way; it’s not so much the gift itself that does the trick (though a lot of those are nice too!), but rather the thought that someone took time out of their day to select, purchase and/or prepare that gift.  It’s a tangible way of saying, “I’m thinking of you” or “You mean a lot to me.”  For my birthday last week, Lorelei prepared me a lovely spread of food (I asked her for a dinnertime version of trick or treat and she delivered!) and we took a little break from Doctor Who to watch three of my favorite science fiction/horror films, the Professor Quatermass series (the third of which I wrote on almost four years ago).  One of my gentlemen gave me some beautiful snake earrings, a new butter dish I’ve wanted for a while and the DVDs of the ’80s TV series Monsters; also in the monstrous vein, reader Ivan Dragomiloff gave the the DVDs for the Groovy Ghoulies show from my childhood.  And because I love cartoons, two other readers (Jeremy Dunn and a gent who prefers to be anonymous) gave me discs I didn’t yet have of classic Warner Brothers cartoons.  Besides all this, I got a larger number of cash donations than usual and a new subscriber (for which I’m always grateful).  So thank you, all of you; I know I don’t always express it clearly or loudly enough, but it always means more to me than I can possibly explain.

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Diary #383

Hoo boy, what a weekend!  My friend Angela Keaton flew in on Thursday for my birthday weekend, which has basically consisted of eating, drinking and being merry with her, Grace, and a bunch of my other friends in various combinations since then until late last night, when I brought her back to the airport.  Some of you may have noticed I was conspicuously absent from Twitter since Friday, and others that there was no Who night pic last night; the former was due to my being busy carousing and otherwise spending as little time sober as possible, and the latter to Lorelei’s and my moving our weekly date to tomorrow for my birthday (it’ll be back to Sunday next week).  Of course, that means I let my usual three to five day lead on this blog (remember when it was weeks?) kinda run out, and I’m writing this only about 90 minutes before it publishes.  But it was worth it (as were the hangovers), and I’ll catch up again by next weekend or so.  And I hope you’ll understand if I keep this one short and sweet, so I can catch up on something else: my sleep.

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Back Issue: October 2014

People who believe that the human psyche and human culture are both the products of Divine ordination have either never fallen in love, or else they think God is a sadist.  –  “Since the Model Came Out

October is of course Halloween  season, and though I don’t feature as many seasonal columns as I once did, this month still saw “More Trick or Treat” and “Unreal Horrors“, the latter being a Cliterati reprint along with “Whore Detection“,  “The Face of Trafficking” and “Intersectionality“.  The creepy fictional interlude was “The Company of Strangers“, the harlotography “Lady Castlemaine” and the guest columnist Dave Krueger; the Q&A columns were “Typically Flawed“, “Wardrobe Choices“,  “Desperately Seeking” and “Since the Model Came Out“.  “Change in the Air” tracked the way sex workers are winning more approval in the media while government continues to use “sex trafficking” as an “All-Purpose Excuse“; “Still More Stand-Up Guys” profiles men who dare to stand up for sex worker rights, while “Served Cold” exposes those who profit from our persecution. And “A Look at the Works” explains why I won’t leave a hole in my blog just because somebody haz a sadfeelz. 

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Diary #382

I don’t really mind busy days and weeks, unless the busy-ness derives from unpleasant stuff.  When the things I’m busy with are pleasant, profitable or both, I actually prefer busy times because, left to its own devices, my brain is wont to dwell on far less pleasant things.  I’ve been devoting more effort lately to making it harder to hear the awful things shut up in crates in my mental basement; since I can’t get rid of them there’s no way to eliminate their awful din completely.  However, I can spend as much time as possible in the less-haunted parts of the house; eliminate, ignore or refuse activities that might take me downstairs alone; turn the music up so loud they’re drowned out; and spend as little of the rest of the time conscious and sober as is practical.  Besides work, I spent Sunday evening with Lorelei as usual, and tonight I’ll be with Jae; then Thursday through the weekend my friend Angela Keaton will be visiting (including a party on Friday night!) leading up to my birthday with Lorelei.  And if I or somebody else thinks about it at the time (no promises), I may even have a picture or two from the party to share with y’all later.

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Tricky Treats

I used to get as many Halloween-themed columns into October as possible, and though I no longer have the energy for that I’m still dedicated to the idea of this as the time of year for spooky fun.  So every year I collect all the spooky, creepy or scary links and other content from the previous year into one place just before Halloween.  If you’ve come to my blog in the past year, or don’t remember previous editions, they are “Trick or Treat”, “More Trick or Treat“, “Tricks and Treats“, and “This Trick’s a Treat” (yes, it’s a pattern; shut up).  Horror or death-themed columns of the past year include “On the Riverbank“, “Sneak Peek“, “Die Young, Stay Pretty“, and “Taking Out the Trash“; there are spooky videos in Links #330, #333, #340, #373, #377#378, and #381; and here’s a small collection of spooky, scary, or Halloweeny links:

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Diary #381

Last week was one for cleaning up, fixing up and setting straight.  Grace spent it totally revamping the wellhouse (tank, plumbing and electrical) and repairing a water-pipe leak that had caused considerable damage to the bathroom subfloor; I made some long-delayed updates to my professional website and, as you saw yesterday, finally got around to adding a bookstore to this site.  Those of you who don’t know me personally may not understand how a woman who could build this cyclopean edifice of a website over seven and a half years could somehow be so intimidated by procedures that she could leave important tasks hanging for months or even years, but maybe it would help you to understand if I told you that I started thinking about doing this blog in 2007; it took me three years to actually start it.  And people who visit my Den of Iniquity will tell you that there have been no important changes in a year, and no major ones in two years.  See, I don’t really like change in my environment or procedures; once I get things the way I like them, they tend to stay that way until Doomsday.  That’s one of the reasons I was so upset by the move from Oklahoma to Washington; even though I knew it was the right thing to do, I’m just not easily able to cope with change on that scale.  And so Grace is in charge of putting things to right at Sunset; all I have to do is tell her what I want done, answer any procedural questions she has, pay the bills as they come in and throw fits about delays and cost overruns (and truth be told, Grace could probably do without that last).  If I were wealthy, I’d probably have a whole entourage of assistants to deal with stuff for me; alas, such is not to be.  And so I get to things when I get to them, unless a crisis forces my hand or someone I love prods me to deal with them before that.  And I guess that will have to do.

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