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Diary #491

Unlike last week, which only seemed quiet, this week was genuinely quiet.  And you know what?  It was hard to be upset about that, and I didn’t really try.  Some writing, a couple of nice sessions with regulars, getting my hair and nails done, doing a fun podcast that I’ll tell you about when it drops, planning Thanksgiving, doing a little shopping and hiring someone to help me finish a long-delayed project; that about sums up the productive portions of the week.  Otherwise, I actually managed to do some light reading (!!!) and have made some new additions to my wishlist (if you’re considering getting me a Christmas present), and I did a bit of philosophizing while stoned that might make it into a future story or philosophy column.  Tomorrow I’ll be driving out to Sunset in the evening, and then the feast on Thursday and tree-trimming on Friday; with any luck, I won’t have anything more exciting than that to tell you about in next week’s diary.  Except for reminding you of my toy drive, which is always exciting.

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Back Issue #77

Whole imaginary populations of victimized women and children are…created out of air.  –  “Imaginary Victims

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Diary #490

It’s funny; when I sat down to write this I thought I’d say this week was quiet. But then reflecting back, I realized it actually hadn’t been; I went to a concert with Daedalus and a play with Chekhov, took a bingo-loving friend to the bingo hall for her birthday, attended a small but lovely party at Lady Vi’s on Saturday, then went to Allena Gabosch’s book launch on Sunday.  So it wasn’t actually that quiet; it just somehow felt quiet.  In my youth, my life was full of adventures; when I became a librarian and settled down with Jack I started to miss that, and the universe responded to that mild nostalgia with my Year of Disaster soon afterward.  This is not to say that I no longer like having adventures; I’m just a lot more circumspect about the kind of adventure, and the kind I like are the kind where most of the important factors are firmly under my control (and yes, that’s one of the many reasons I dislike flying).  And when things are relatively quiet, I enjoy them for as long as that lasts rather than looking forward to the next excitement.

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Diary #488

What a lovely birthday week I had!  My friends and readers showered me with gifts; Grace got me this deluxe heated cushion for my writing chair (which is like a little slice of heaven); it also has a vibrate function!  Jae unveiled the curtain project she’s been working on, which included my old sheer bedcurtains from New Orleans; I was too sentimental to let go of them, so she cleverly incorporated them into my new home.  Daedalus gave me this multi-disc set of Beatles rarities, and another of my gents sent me a case of my favorite tea AND a lovely sweater dress!  One of my readers sent me a silver coin with an interesting design, and the ladies who use my incall got me boxes and boxes of supplies.  On Tuesday I met Grace, Chekhov and Jae in Olympia for dinner, then on Wednesday night I had just a small all-whore party (which, as anyone in the know can tell you, are the best parties).  Then on my birthday itself I had a little Doctor Who night with Lorelei.  I also hear that of her gentlemen is sending me something as well, which is pretty damned sweet of him!  And I’ll show it to you (with the sweater dress) next week!

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Diary #487

On Thursday night I hopped on a redeye for North Carolina to attend my friend Kaytlin Bailey’s wedding.  It may have been the best wedding I’ve ever attended; Kaytlin has a keen sense for the gently unconventional, so the ceremony and reception were blissfully free of all the tiresome, hackneyed conventions which infest modern US weddings, while yet keeping all the meaningful rituals.  As you can see in the picture below the bride was absolutely stunning, and yes that’s the lovely Jillian Keenan (another dear friend and one of Kaytlin’s bridesmaids) sitting next to me (the other lady is Kaytlin’s best friend & maid of honor).  In addition to the lovely festivities and catching up with old friends (such as Alex Andrews of Swop Behind Bars, who I roomed with), I also got to spend time chatting with a number of the bride’s family members and other wedding guests.  And even my return flight got me home at a reasonable hour on Sunday, where I’m now typing this now.  Please join me in a toast to the bride and groom, and may they be happy and prosper!

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Back Issue #76

Superior authority does not grant superior wisdom.  –  “Q & A (Part One)

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Diary #486

Last weekend I went out to Sunset on Saturday and returned on Monday; in addition to allowing me to avoid Tacoma traffic, it also made the week feel shorter (which was quite nice considering that I had several lovely appointments in that shortened week).  And now this week I’m flying off to North Carolina for my friend Kaytlin Bailey’s wedding, then next week I’ll have a small birthday celebration mostly involving getting high as a kite with some dear friends.  All in all, it has been an exceptionally pleasant autumn for me; I’m no longer young enough to dance through the dry leaves under the moon, but I’ve at last reached an emotional space where I’m OK with my life as it is, and I live in the present rather than always in the future as I used to.  And since I’ve learned how to manage my summer anxiety through the magic of cannabis, my brain has already relaxed into dark mode rather than taking months to do so as it has for a number of years now.  My life isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but the awful things locked up in crates under my mental stairs have been relatively quiet for a while now, so I’m going to enjoy that for as long as it lasts.

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