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Back Issue #89

The public considers the opinions of pop-tarts with no personal experience in [an] issue to be more important than those of activists who actually know what they’re talking about.  –  “December Updates

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Back Issue #88

Prostitution is to my knowledge the only “crime” which is entirely defined by its motive.  –  “Lack of Evidence

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Back Issue #87

The fact that a cherished tenet of dogma is demonstrably false never stops True Believers from instilling it indelibly into the public consciousness by endless repetition.  –  “Ban the Super Bowl!

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Back Issue #86

Until…women present a unified front against collective ownership of our bodies, progress will be slow at best.  –  “What a Week!

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Seven years ago I published “Catching Up“, in which I gave a new reader advice of how to get started reading my blog.  At the time, I compared the strategy of starting at the beginning and trying to read every post with “hacking your way across the Amazon Basin with a machete,” and since there are now roughly 3.5 times as many posts as there were then, that is barely even hyperbole any more.  Some of the advice is still good, such as the following:

…subscribe to the blog and read the new columns as they come out; most of them contain links to older columns, which you could then read as they come up…[twice a week] I publish a news column…made up of…short subsections; each item has its own title, and the vast majority of those titles refer back to older posts (each containing a link to the referenced post).  This will lead you to a lot of older columns every week, assuming you have the time!  Also, every Sunday I publish a “Links” column, and the bottom section, “From the Archives”, contains links to the posts from that same week for the past two years; you could click on and read any that sound interesting.  You can also follow me on Twitter, where I share lots of interesting links…and also remind readers of my columns from that same day one, two and…three years in the past…

But now that I’ve been publishing for over a decade, the best way to start is to simply buy my “best of” collections, The Essential Maggie McNeill, Volume I and Volume II; they’re available in both paperback and Kindle editions, and each contains 52 hand-picked, revised and edited essays from the first six years of the blog.  Then watch this space for future “best of” collections, including Ask Maggie, Volume I (a collection of 80 answers to reader questions, which should be available later this week) and Volume II (same, should be available in October).  In addition to presenting what I think are my most important essays in a more accessible and easier-to-browse format, these volumes give you the chance to support my work in a tangible way, which is especially important in these difficult times; it’s a perfect example of a win-win situation!

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Back Issue #85

Making wildly exaggerated Criswell-like predictions of the number of hookers who will descend upon a major sporting event has become a popular pastime of prohibitionists.  –  “Hidden Hordes of Hookers

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I have no plans to stop fighting this war until there is no breath left in me.  And truth be told, I’m not even sure I could stop even if I wanted to.  –  “Ninth Anniversary

Ten years is a long time for one human to do anything without a break, much less publish a blog post without missing a single day.  But then, I’ve never been one for taking breaks; I’ve always considered them little more than a delay in whatever it is that I’m doing.  And when that “whatever” is fighting a war for self-ownership and human rights…well, as the epigram says, I’m not sure I could stop even if I wanted to.  Certainly, I’ve slowed down; when I first started this blog a decade ago, I used to publish an all-new essay every day, and the essays were much longer on average.  But as I exorcised at least a little of the righteous fury which fuels my activism, and my other activities expanded to take up more of my time, I was forced to fill an increasing number of daily slots with shorter, easier-to-write posts.  Only two days in the average week now see original essays, and I feature a lot more of what most would consider typical blog posts than in the past.  On the other hand, I’ve written lots of non-blog articles for magazines, books, etc, and I’m about to publish my fifth book; I’ve also got a documentary called The War on Whores and I give dozens of interviews for articles, radio, video, and TV every year, plus more public appearances than I can count.  So even though my blog isn’t growing as quickly as it once did (and, thanks to Google’s censorship, is seen by fewer new readers than in times past), my public presence is still growing.  And given that all of that public presence is dedicated toward fighting for my cause, I would consider that a win.

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Back Issue #84

Many cops are simply not afraid of the consequences of their actions.  –  “LicenseTo Rape

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Diary #518

Last week was such a busy one, I actually need a few days in Seattle to catch up on my writing.  Most of my time was spent marking out locations for posts (for my bathhouse), drilling post holes, then leveling and squaring each post before setting it in place with concrete (remember the cement mixer?)  But in addition to that, I worked on trim; cleaned up branches pruned from the apple tree closest to the house; helped Jae clean a big rug; gave three different phone interviews; and probably a dozen other things I’m forgetting.  And that’s all despite being handicapped by no fewer than five broken nails.  That situation is being fixed today; though my regular salon called to cancel my appointment because the government’s unrealistic (her word) requirements for re-opening couldn’t be accomplished in time.  Fortunately, the county in which Sunset lies had a head start, and I was able to secure a late afternoon appointment today; it’ll be good to once again be able to touch my hair or anything made of fabric without my weak, peeling nails snagging in them.  And then I’m off to Seattle for the aforementioned writing break, before returning to Sunset on Thursday to prepare for the next stage of construction.

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Back Issue #83

When the subject is sex everyone’s brains shift into “neutral” and the most outlandish claims are accepted as reasonable.  –  “Reaction Formation

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