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I have no plans to stop fighting this war until there is no breath left in me.  And truth be told, I’m not even sure I could stop even if I wanted to.  –  “Ninth Anniversary

Ten years is a long time for one human to do anything without a break, much less publish a blog post without missing a single day.  But then, I’ve never been one for taking breaks; I’ve always considered them little more than a delay in whatever it is that I’m doing.  And when that “whatever” is fighting a war for self-ownership and human rights…well, as the epigram says, I’m not sure I could stop even if I wanted to.  Certainly, I’ve slowed down; when I first started this blog a decade ago, I used to publish an all-new essay every day, and the essays were much longer on average.  But as I exorcised at least a little of the righteous fury which fuels my activism, and my other activities expanded to take up more of my time, I was forced to fill an increasing number of daily slots with shorter, easier-to-write posts.  Only two days in the average week now see original essays, and I feature a lot more of what most would consider typical blog posts than in the past.  On the other hand, I’ve written lots of non-blog articles for magazines, books, etc, and I’m about to publish my fifth book; I’ve also got a documentary called The War on Whores and I give dozens of interviews for articles, radio, video, and TV every year, plus more public appearances than I can count.  So even though my blog isn’t growing as quickly as it once did (and, thanks to Google’s censorship, is seen by fewer new readers than in times past), my public presence is still growing.  And given that all of that public presence is dedicated toward fighting for my cause, I would consider that a win.

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Back Issue #84

Many cops are simply not afraid of the consequences of their actions.  –  “LicenseTo Rape

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Diary #518

Last week was such a busy one, I actually need a few days in Seattle to catch up on my writing.  Most of my time was spent marking out locations for posts (for my bathhouse), drilling post holes, then leveling and squaring each post before setting it in place with concrete (remember the cement mixer?)  But in addition to that, I worked on trim; cleaned up branches pruned from the apple tree closest to the house; helped Jae clean a big rug; gave three different phone interviews; and probably a dozen other things I’m forgetting.  And that’s all despite being handicapped by no fewer than five broken nails.  That situation is being fixed today; though my regular salon called to cancel my appointment because the government’s unrealistic (her word) requirements for re-opening couldn’t be accomplished in time.  Fortunately, the county in which Sunset lies had a head start, and I was able to secure a late afternoon appointment today; it’ll be good to once again be able to touch my hair or anything made of fabric without my weak, peeling nails snagging in them.  And then I’m off to Seattle for the aforementioned writing break, before returning to Sunset on Thursday to prepare for the next stage of construction.

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Back Issue #83

When the subject is sex everyone’s brains shift into “neutral” and the most outlandish claims are accepted as reasonable.  –  “Reaction Formation

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This blog has always been unusual in a number of ways.  I publish once a day, every single day, at exactly the same time every day for the past ten years.  For the majority of that time, posts that constituted anything less than a full essay were rather rare; diary columns and Friday columns are often short, and holiday columns are now the online equivalent of a card, but other than that it’s mostly essays or news commentary.  But as I pointed out in March, the pandemic has crowded crude masturbatory fantasies out of the public consciousness, and since I don’t really do history columns any more, that actually leaves me a bit short on things to write about at this stage of the game.  That’s actually kinda convenient because I’ve been doing a lot of work out at Sunset, and therefore have less time to write.  However, the columns about that work have proven popular, so today I’m starting a new (albeit temporary) feature logging the progess on my bathhouse.  So consider this the first installment; right now it’s just a recently-delivered refurbished hot tub sitting on the slab outside my back door.  But I think you’ll find the weekly development interesting, and I’ll certainly welcome a little more time to work on it.

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Diary #517

On Saturday, as I was working on setting the piers for my new bathhouse, my manicurist called to let me know that she’s opening on June 1st; of course I made an appointment!  It will be so good for my hands to look and feel like those of a civilized lady again.  As of right now, I’ve got four broken ones (three on the right hand and the forefinger on my left), so not only do my hands look like shit, they’re also far less functional than usual.  I’m not used to hands without nails, which means my right hand is basically useless for fine work righy now (I am typing this with my middle finger) and I keep getting hairs, threads, etc snagged on the rough edges of the broken nails (which tear as they grow even if I file them).  And I don’t even like to look at my toenails.  Since I had my Botox week before last, now all I’m waiting for is my hair salon to call, so I can make these awful roots invisible.  Fortunately, it doesn’t grow all that fast, and I’m not due for a trim for a while yet, so I will not end up like Jonathan here (whom we’re probably going to have sheared soon).  And since the gent I call Dr. Quest has informed me that he’ll probably be able to see me soon, things for me are beginning to look like they’ll soon return to more manageable conditions.  And it’s about damned time.

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Back Issue #82

Police…will continue to be [corrupt] until humanity grows up enough to stop giving power…to its least-evolved members.  –  “Election Day

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When I bought the property I now call Sunset, I got a great deal (half the price of similar properties in the area) because the house was somewhat run down and had problems with the supports of a section that was added perhaps 25 years after it was first built.  So I knew that in addition to fixing the floor, I’d have to remodel much of the house.  Grace and Chekhov spent most of 2018 rewiring the house and shop, adding gutters, building French drains, constructing fences, and other such basic tasks; 2019 was spent in innumerable small fixes, planning the floor repair and redoing the plumbing in preparation for said repair.  Then just after Christmas we started building bookcases in the living room:

Here’s what they looked like on Tuesday:

As you can see, I’ve decided to use the top shelves for CDs.  And see that door in the corner?  The inside isn’t yet stained, but here’s what I’m using it for:

Across the room, and around the TV, we built shelving for DVDs:

They continue across the room, where the movies are followed by TV series:

Soon the walls will be painted and we’ll put in new flooring there and in Grace’s room (mine is upstairs, and the carpet is in good condition). Then on to the kitchen, where we’ve already redone the cupboards and built this:

It’s not quite done yet; Grace has to install brass railings on the two bottom shelves, and there’s an upper section (outside of the shot) which she’s installing doors on.  But the living room is almost done and the kitchen is underway, and when I return to Sunset next week we’ll be starting on the bathhouse.

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Diary #510

Another week full of improvements at Sunset!  I finally finished the laborious process of going through every damned box in the garage to figure out what was in it, who it belonged to, and what to do with it; since our garage is huge (the previous owner used it as storage space for a small-scale lumber mill) it held a lot of stuff.  But all that has now been properly dealt with, so we can use the space as we please (such as parking in it or receiving deliveries of large items such as construction supplies).  I did find a few treasures, though, including a stash of old photos which have been sealed up in a box since 2002; I’ll share a few good selections with y’all as soon as I get time to go through them.  I also finished reorganizing my CD collection on the top level of the bookshelves, helped Grace design the movie shelving, and built it; since Jae finished staining the shelving for DVDs of TV series, I was able to move my collection there from the closet space it has resided in for two years.  As you can see, the shelves on the left were still open when I took this picture on Sunday night; it’ll house the tail end of our combined movie collections.  And speaking of combined collections, the resolution on this pic is high enough for you to read most of the titles; it may amuse you to guess which are mine and which Grace’s.

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As promised, The Essential Maggie McNeill, Volume II is here!  Now that I’ve figured out how to fit working on the books into my schedule, I should be able to keep up the pace and put one out every three months for about another year.  My next project, Ask Maggie, Volume I, will contain about 80 of my answers to reader questions; I’ve already made the selections and plan to start editing them as soon as I go back to Seattle after Easter.  So barring unforseen developments, it will be out in July.  If necessary, I could do most of the work here, but it’s harder to write here because I don’t have the quiet and privacy my brain needs for focus (not to mention distractions like building bookshelves).  Anyhow, you can buy the book at Amazon (and here’s the Kindle edition); if you prefer an autographed copy, they should be available in my bookstore in the next day or two.  Thank you for reading!

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