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Diary #274

loose women 9-26-15Last week, we finally got Jae admitted to a proper hospital; it took until Thursday, a week after we first brought her to the main hospital as we had been instructed to do.  I appreciate the confidence everyone has displayed in me by assigning me credit for getting her placed, but I’m afraid I had very little (if anything) to do with it; after a week of inquiring, researching, making phone calls, talking to social workers and other staff, crying, complaining, pleading, demanding answers and otherwise attempting to move the mountain of indifference with which I had been confronted, a spot opened up in a hospital I was told she wasn’t being considered for admission to, and within a few hours she was admitted.  And with that, we have probably reached the end of the fast-moving part of her recovery; I’ve been told the next stage will probably go on for about as long as everything from the accident until now, and maybe even longer.  In other words, from now until probably late October or sometime in November I’m not going to have a lot to say about the subject.  This doesn’t mean I’m forgetting about her or that I don’t think y’all will be interested; I’m still going to be visiting her at the hospital every day and her other close friends will be visiting as often as they can, and as the doctors feel her condition is improving we’ll encourage others to visit as well.  What it does mean, however, is that the changes will be less profound and more incremental, and that the amount of change in a week may be easily covered in a mention in these diary entries rather than requiring the whole entry.

The important things are that she’s safe, she’s getting proper medical care and she’s in Seattle where her friends can visit her without having to fly or take an all-day drive.  And one result of this change is that, on some unconscious level, my brain has decided it’s safe for me to collapse.  I’ve been running at full throttle (emotionally speaking) since August 16th, and though all my friends (not to mention readers, supporters, doctors, nurses and nearly everyone else) have been warning me that I need to take care of myself physically and emotionally as well, I didn’t really believe that until about nine days ago.  Oh, I intellectually knew that they were probably right, but another part of me was saying, “It’s sweet and wonderful that everyone’s thinking about me, but with the exception of a few tough spots I can handle this pretty easily; after all, I’m Maggie Fucking McNeill the Wonder Harlot.”  And naturally that was the voice I preferred to listen to (and at the time, the one Jae really needed me to listen to).  But once we got into emergency room limbo my strength started to falter, and on the afternoon of Sunday the 20th I just collapsed in tears when Mistress Matisse arrived at the hospital to take over for me for the evening.  She, Savannah Sly, Abby May and my other friends are now enforcing my resting and recuperating nearly every night, and not one of them has breathed a syllable that sounds anything like “we told you so.”  I’ve never been someone who needed help to get to sleep at night, but now when I put my head down my brain starts processing the last two months at double-time.  I’m alternating now between various means of inducing restful sleep provided by various friends, and last Saturday night it was the visiting Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s turn; she chose good old-fashioned alcohol, and let me tell you it worked just fine.  Don’t worry, readers; I’m not going to poop out on Jae, and the wonderful ladies of Seattle are going to be sure that I don’t overdo it too often.  I’m going to keep working wonders as expected; I’m just going to make sure I recharge my super-batteries with enough wonder treats and super-sleep.

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Back Issue: September 2012

A successful life is judged by its character rather than by the number of years it endures.  – “Enough is Enough

Great Social EvilThough my blog didn’t change much in September of 2012, my life started to; it was the month I attended my first conference as Maggie McNeill, and a week later I had some thoughts about the experience.  This is important because as I became more active offline I was forced to streamline my procedures online, a process that has continued up to now.  Oh, some things didn’t change at all; I still did a harlotography (“Robyn Few“), a fictional interlude (“Parallel Lines“) and a holiday column (“The Autumnal Equinox“) this month, plus “My Favorite Short Films” (an installment of a now-ludicrous anti-porn signdefunct feature).  Q & A columns had not yet become weekly, but it wasn’t unusual to find a full-length column like “Capricious Lusts” in addition to the monthly one.

“Sex trafficking” was by this time a major topic, but it wasn’t covered in many columns this month; the only two columns in which it was the major theme were “The Phoenix Pharisees” and “The Young and the Brainless“, though the event digitized orangedescribed in “Parting of the Ways” – the separation of Backpage from Village Voice Media – was directly precipitated by the hysteria, and “Poe Folks” touches on it.  There were several columns on the more general topic of prostitution: “Bottleneck” discussed the unintended consequences of laws intended to “control” the sex trade; “One in Seven” is the fraction of women who do sex work in one African city; “Somebody’s Daughter” cracks the prohibitionist “Would you want your daughter to do it?” chestnut;  “Profound Ignorance” asks why so many economists are so dumb about sex work; and “Dirty Laundry” looks at the history of the awful Magdalene laundries.  Rounding out the month were “Enough is Enough“, on the philosophy of excess; “Monkey Business“, on intelligence in the great apes; and “Against Conscience“, which explains why none of us owe a particle to government.Azathoth

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It Had To Happen

I knew this day would come; I just didn’t expect it to come anything like this.  There is just no way I can get a column out on time today.  After driving all day Wednesday and spending all day yesterday at the hospital trying to navigate the Byzantine complexities of the medical admissions system, I am exhausted and desperately in need of sleep.  As regular readers know I’ve been staying with Jae in her hospital room for weeks, sleeping in an uncomfortable chair/bed thing and being awakened repeatedly throughout the night as she gets up or needs something; I’m totally worn out.  Tonight Savannah Sly volunteered to stay with her, so I’ve just come home for some much-needed shuteye (until the next doctor has a question I need to answer) and I just can’t spare the time to write the post I intended to write, which will now appear Monday.  So forgive me for my first miss, dear readers; I promise not to make a habit of it.IMG_7084

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Government officials…think it’s not easy enough to steal people’s things.  –  Elizabeth N. Brown

License to Rape

Why is it so hard for US journalists to use the word “rape” when whores are the victims?

…a South Florida man told a prostitute that he was a police officer and that he would arrest her if she refused to have sex without a condom…22-year-old Mark William Rose was arrested…and charged with impersonating a police officer in the commission of a felony and false imprisonment…Rose told arresting deputies he had previously used the…bluff about a dozen times, with three women conceding to sex…

Get Out of the 19th Century Often?

News reports about prostitution stings in southern states are usually shockingly stupid, and often have not one word about “sex trafficking”:

Over two dozen men were arrested [after falling for]…a cop [decoy].  “We dirtied her up. We told her, you know, you gotta, you can’t be, this is not Pretty Woman,” [pig mouthpiece Joey] Davis [oinked]…Davis explains prostitution is a day job…”a little kid, they don’t need to see that stuff going on”…Some of the women get paid in heroin further spreading disease.  Unknowing wives may become victims.  “Was it worth it?  They didn’t ask for that.  And you don’t know, you might be signing your own death warrant”…

That’s right, kiddies; heroin causes disease!

Tyranny By Consensus

I wonder how much Michael Weinstein has cost the state of California so far?

Adult performers are speaking out against a ballot initiative that mandates condoms in porn throughout the state of California…The measure empowers everyday citizens to sue adult film producers for creating condomless porn—and offers a financial incentive for doing so. Several industry insiders…[say] they worry this would expose them to harassment from stalkers, trolls, disapproving family members and anti-porn activists…

Neither Addiction Nor EpidemicJosh Duggar

Josh Duggar…has “checked himself into a long-term treatment center,” according to a statement  issued…by the Duggar family.  Several media outlets reported that “Josh Duggar is going to rehab for porn addiction“, as if a “porn addiction” were a demonstrably real thing instead of a concept that should be relegated to the scariest of scare quotes.  Duggar’s problems are many but porn addiction is a psychological fiction propped up by the same moralism that Duggar has espoused for years.  By crying “addiction” and going to rehab, Duggar…gets to appear penitent while implicitly sending the pious message that pornography is an evil from which one must be saved…

Above the Law 

Although the term “gay” has now come to include women, I’m honestly not sure what it’s doing in the victim’s description here:

A gay transgender inmate transitioning into a woman was repeatedly raped by a Rikers Island [guard] and jail officials did nothing to stop it, a new suit charges.  The inmate, identified in court papers only as M.T., was assaulted on Dec. 2, 2012 by…L. Galan after months of harassment…Galan gave M.T. gifts like an iPod Touch, headphones, a charger, a case and $20 in cash to not report the abuse…


commercial sex wasn’t “illegal” in Germany prior to 2002…ProstG removed morality language…”pimping” [laws]…limited legal recognition for contracts…and…ensuring sex worker access to employment benefits…What the 2002 Act failed to do was create federal mandates on zoning, registration, health and safety, and police power.  This left substantial jurisdiction to German states…an estimated 98% of Germany geographically, and over 90% of German towns and cities are restricted areas, and over two-thirds of German residents live in a city where commercial sex is prohibited…Berlin is one of only three german cities without restricted areas.  In other cities, street-based sex work is limited to a few blocks…if not completely forbidden…In Munich, which only allows commercial sex in 3% of the city, sex workers say police regularly stage sting operations to lure sex workers into prohibited zones.  Also unchanged by ProstG…are state police laws, which–even in liberal cities like Berlin–give police the free reign to enter wherever they suspect commercial sex is taking place…including a sex worker’s home…

Uncharted Seas

The title says it all: “All the Bad Arguments Against Polygamy, Debunked“:

Since the marriage equality movement’s recent triumph in the Obergefell vs. Hodges decision, national attention has settled on the status of polygamy, or the legal recognition of marriage between more than two partners.  Several national publications have printed arguments both for and against polygamy rights…Both right and left have taken turns making the case for polygamous marriage, and both right and left have taken turns criticizing the idea…but it’s remarkable just how many bad, sloppy, unconvincing arguments have been marshalled.  Let’s go through and refute them one by one…

My First Million (#437)

I hit the 4 million pageview mark at about 19:30 UTC last Sunday, August 30th.  Thanks to all the readers who made it happen!


Vendetta (#518)

Let’s hope the moralists all start devouring one another:

A billboard along an exit from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport could give visitors the wrong impression, according to some…travelers.  The billboard…urges men not to buy sex from prostitutes.  “Buy sex [,] lose everything” is the billboard’s message…”We need to remove it, take it down,” said John Rejebian…”I think the public needs to be spared these things”…A logo for CEASE Network is in the lower-right corner of the billboard…

New Excuse (#544)

Elizabeth N. Brown examines the profit motive behind the War on Whores:

…the government’s interest in stopping commercial gay sex is surely more motivated by the commercial aspect here than the man-on-man component.  We’re riding high on a wave of state successes in shutting down prostitution-related businesses…[under] the guise of stopping “human trafficking,” and aided by massive amounts of federal funding plus newly granted wiretapping, asset forfeiture, and other law enforcement powers.  As Scott Shackford pointed out, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the New York City Police Department (NYPD) didn’t go after Rentboy.com out of a conviction that gay sex workers pose a threat to national safety but because they could seize $1.4 million from employee bank accounts, along with their homes and other assets.  This is not so much a moral crusade—not for police, prosecutors, or federal agencies anyway—as a money-grubbing one…

Ashley Madison (#557) 

Computer security expert John McAfee on the Ashley Madison “hack”:

Ashley Madison was not hacked – the data was stolen by a woman operating on her own who worked for Avid Life Media…A hacker is someone who uses a combination of high-tech cybertools and social engineering to gain illicit access to someone else’s data.  But this job was done by someone who already had the keys to the Kingdom.  It was an inside job…In my first IBTimes UK article about Act One of the Ashley Madison Affair, I alleged that the group of hackers claiming responsibility for the “hack” simply did not exist.  I gleaned this information from reliable sources within the Dark Web – which have yet to fail me.  I also claimed that it was the act of a single person.  Any adept social engineer would have easily seen this from the wording in the first manifesto published by the alleged hacking group…

I have to wonder if this employee wasn’t the anonymous tipster who provided the material for “Show and Tell“.  I also found this tidbit rather amusing:

The chief executive of…Ashley Madison is resigning…following a hack that revealed millions of user names meant to be kept secret.  Noel Biderman founded the site in 2002 to make it easier for married people to find other married people to have affairs with…Biderman…has sworn that he would never cheat or use the site.  But the hack…uncovered emails suggesting that he was conducting multiple affairs…

What Were You All Waiting For?

The Amnesty International statement is such a big deal, even the 38 “anti-trafficking” groups that make up the “Freedom Network” came out in support of it.  This is not the first time people who adhere to a version of the “trafficking” paradigm have come out for decriminalization; the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women is the most important one, and Kate D’Adamo (first listed author of the statement) is well-known as an opponent of criminalization.  But the fact that a number of organizations who fly the “trafficking” flag are willing to break ranks with the others is a powerful sign of the beginning of the end of the hysteria.

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Back Issue: August 2012

If everyone had just agreed to ignore these women’s deranged fantasies when their disconnection with reality became hideously apparent roughly 25 years ago, they’d be nothing more than a fringe group today (occupying a position on the credibility ladder somewhere between young-Earth creationists and those who insist that the moon landings were faked).  –  “Hurdling Over Reality

Never On SundayThere are only a few differences between the way this blog was structured in August 2012 and the way it was structured through 2013 and 2014.  The archival links were still appearing in “That Was the Week That Was” rather than “Links”; Q & A columns were still monthly rather than weekly; I hadn’t yet started the weekly Cliterati reprints; and the “My Favorites” feature was still going on.  Other than that, though, everything was in place; this month’s holidays were “Lughnasadh” and “Vinalia Rustica“, its harlotography “Mary Anne Clarke” and its fictional interlude “Friend“. I was writing a great deal about “sex trafficking” hysteria; “The Lion and the Ox“, “Soap Opera“, “Creating the Crisis“,Ghost of Frankenstein “Obfuscation Via Dysphemisms”  and “Small Choice” were all on the topic, and “Worse Than I Thought” marked the beginning of government’s concerted effort to replace the “War on Drugs” with a War on Whores.  There were two other columns of recurring types: “August Movies” and “The Pearls Ain’t Free“, a song column.

Print Gallery by M.C. Escher (1956)This was also the month in which, slowly but surely, the attitudes of sensible people who actually care about facts began to turn toward decriminalization; I covered that beginning in “Shift in the Wind“, which has since become the subtitle for news items about public support for decrim.  “Too Young To Know” has become the heading for items about negating the agency of underage sex workers,  “Whatever They Need To Say” the one about using prostitution laws to implement land grabs, and “The Public Eye” the one about individual sex workers in the news.  Rounding out the month were “Childish Things“, a discussion of childish, primitive ideas that still bedevil mankind; “Hurdling Over Reality“, which asks why feminists get so bent out of shape when men find female athletes attractive; “Show and Tell“, which provides pictorial evidence of the Ashley Madison scam; “Legitimate Outrage“, which points out that both American political parties are very anti-science; and “False Target“, which debunks the concept of “rape culture”.Onlies

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Diary #269

Fosse JaeFor the past week, I’ve been spending most of my waking hours at the hospital with Jae; if you don’t understand why, you should read last week’s diary and Q&A columns.  Since last week, she’s improved steadily but very slowly; she’s now breathing for herself during the day, with the respirator serving only as a safeguard.  On Sunday, I asked the nurse to stop giving her one drug that seemed to be giving her nightmares when the dose was high and severe disorientation even when it was low; the results were very positive, and she woke up several times and interacted with me for several minutes each time.  She smiled at me, squeezed my hand, looked at the faces of the nurses and therapists when I introduced them and nodded her head at them; it was obvious she was lucid and aware of her surroundings.  Every day I make sure to let her know what day it is and how long it’s been since the accident, and I’m keeping a journal of all the important events so she can read what happened while she was in Sleeping Beauty mode.  I also plan to show her the Twitter timeline from these weeks so she can see all the love and support she received; if you would like her to see your message, just tweet to @BOBCATGIRL  and she will see it then.  If you can afford to send a donation for her support after hospital, please visit her GoFundMe site; Mistress Matisse will be posting updates about her condition there, and I’ll be doing the same here every Tuesday.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have also noticed I’m doing short videos via Periscope; even if you don’t have that app, you can watch the videos every day to get the latest update on how she’s doing.  As for how I’m doing, since many of y’all have asked: I’m OK, under the circumstances.  Obviously it’s pretty overwhelming, but I have the best circle of friends in the world and I do pretty well in crises, so no worries.  Thanks to some of those friends I have very inexpensive lodging in a house just about a mile from the hospital; I plan to start walking it today so I don’t get dumpy through lack of exercise. And the less money I spend to support myself here, the more there will be for Jae when she gets home.

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Meeting Maggie

I understand that you’ve gone back to full-time sex work, but I don’t see anything on your site that explains how I can arrange to see you, what your rates are, etc.  Where can I find that?

corset backThere are a number of reasons why I’m not directly linking any of that information on this site, and all of them have to do with the stupid, prudish attitudes our society holds toward sex work.  If I were a doctor, lawyer or other professional, nobody would bat an eyelash if I were to link my professional site to my blog.  But because my business involves touching people on parts of their bodies the witch doctors have deemed taboo, I am placed under restrictions that massage therapists, manicurists and hairdressers need not concern themselves with.  I’m not sure how WordPress would feel about a direct link, but I know damned well PayPal would blow a gasket if they thought I was using my account to process “donations” in the euphemistic sense rather than the donations I need to keep this blog going, and right now the business is not yet good enough to support the activism without keeping the streams separate.  However, it isn’t difficult to find my escort site if you can look at a picture and spell my name, and there you can find all the usual info about rates, availability and all that jazz.  I don’t think it will be any harm if I tell you the email address I’m using for professional contact, though, so click here if you want that.  Please don’t use that email address for personal or activism-related contact, or just to say “hi”; it’s strictly for inquiries regarding seeing me in person, as the name of the address implies.

(Have a question of your own?  Please consult this page to see if I’ve answered it in a previous column, and if not just click here to ask me via email.)

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