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Diary #457

Last week was quite lovely!  On Monday I went over to Lorelei Rivers’ to help her with a little decorating that required four hands and two sets of eyes, and then we had our first Who night at her new house.  On Wednesday my friend Winnie had her baby, and I got to visit her at the hospital and hold the teeny girl (the first newborn I’ve held this century), whom I think will grow up to be as lovely as her mother.  I also launched a new fundraiser last week to cover some of the final distribution costs of The War on Whores, and to subsidize screenings for groups (such as student or activist groups) that can’t afford a screening fee; as usual, my readers amazed me by getting me to 25% of my goal in only four days!  And to top it all off, I heard from two of my favorite clients whom I haven’t seen in a while that they’ll be visiting in April.  Now, I’m not saying the week didn’t have its problems; however, the week in which I don’t turn into a complete stressball at least once or twice is a rare animal indeed.  So I’ve learned to enjoy the good stuff while it’s there, even if I can’t quite manage to keep the bad in perspective.

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