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This coming weekend is SASS; I’m only taking a small role this year, but my friend Angela is on the panel discussion so she’ll be staying with me and that’s always fun.  I’ve also got my annual telelecture to a human sexuality class at OSU this week, and it’s special for me because the new teacher told me she remembers my guest lecture from when she was a student taking the class, and was very excited about it.  It really helps me to hear things like that, or to help expose a rapist, or to be asked to write a magazine article (more on that when it comes out), because as regular readers know my energy is not what it once was and it’s good for me to know that I’m making a difference in the world.  Oh, and speaking of the world, UK readers may be interested in knowing that I’m starting to plan a trip there in May, and I wouldn’t be averse to seeing a few of y’all professionally; I’ll give you more details as I get them.  In the meantime, now that I have Sunset I plan to get some chickens next week; the place has a big henhouse and a nice-sized coop area, and it’ll be wonderful to have fresh eggs again.  A small thing?  Sure.  But sometimes those make all this difference in one’s emotional health.

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