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Back Issue: February 2015

Most lawmakers have always been pompous ignoramuses too obsessed with telling other people what to do to actually have normal lives.  –  “Moving Pictures

With my move to Seattle and the resulting shakeup to the rhythm of my life, I made a number of changes that resulted in even fewer “stand-alone” columns than before; since February is already a short month with a large number of holidays, the effect is striking.  After we account for the news, links, diary and other recurring columns; the holidays (ImbolcFriday the 13thValentine’s Day, and Mardi Gras); the guest columnist (“Hugo“), fictional interlude (“Magna Mater“), and harlotography (“Lady Hamilton“); the Cliterati reprints (“Rotting Fruit“, “Moving Pictures“, and “Nothing New“); and the Q&A columns (“Unconventional” and “Fraught With Complications“), there are literally no columns left over to account for.  And though subsequent months weren’t quite so packed with regular features, the effect is pretty dramatic when one compares it to the contents of the Back Issue from the month in question.


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