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Diary #399

Some weeks are difficult, some are easy and pleasant, and some are just…weird.  Last week was one of the latter; though it ended very well, with a weekend full of visits from friends, the rest of it was pretty up and down.  I took Jae to see Mamma Mia a week ago Sunday, then on Wednesday one of my regular gentlemen took me on a lovely dinner date (and I was rather proud of myself for finding a place not jam-packed with Valentine couples).  And on Tuesday and Friday I had the opportunity to help friends by driving around on errands; that may not sound like fun to you, but actually I find doing things for people I love deeply rewarding, even when the actions themselves are the kind of things most people would consider to be an inconvenience.  You could say it’s a maternal thing, or you could say that my primary love-language is “acts of service”; another way to look at it is that the intensity of my feelings is such that I have trouble expressing them in words without crying, so doing things to help is quieter and less intimidating.  On the other hand, I was also engaged last week in paying overdue bills (HINT: I wouldn’t mind donations to help with that), figuring out my taxes and dealing with two minor but extremely annoying sinus issues (the most defective part of my anatomy after my neurology).  All in all, I think the good outweighed the bad, but here’s to a week in which it does so more clearly and distinctly.

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