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Day Tripper

As I grow older, I’ve become increasingly fond of longer appointments.  I have also noticed that I am receiving a much larger number of requests for appointments from gentlemen who know me from this blog and from Twitter rather than from my traditional escort advertisements, and a lot of those guys want to spend a lot more time talking and socializing with me than in hanky panky.  So for a little while now, I’ve been giving some thought to how to best accommodate those gentlemen who might want a sort of mixed session, in other words one that is primarily a social date but also has a little bit of sexy time mixed in.  Well, just the other day, when I was in the shower (which, like many people, is the time I do some of my best thinking), I came up with an idea for a new kind of session I call the Day Tripper.  A traditional overnight session assumes exactly what it says, that we will sleep together.  But what if a gentleman isn’t necessarily interested in that?  What if he wants something more like a traditional date, where he takes me to some kind of event, whether that be a movie or a show or the zoo or a Museum or a picnic in the park, complete with food, and ending in the sort of thing that most men like to do with an attractive woman, then kissing good night and going home?  Since we will be in public most of that time, it hardly seems proper to charge full rate rather than social rate, but at the same time, if it includes private activities at the end, obviously I should be compensated for that.  And given that I get to sleep alone in my own bed, it doesn’t seem like an overnight rate is the appropriate one even if the number of hours is similar to an overnight.  With all that in mind, I have priced the Day Tripper about midway between a dinner date and an overnight; you can look at my rates page to get the ballpark on that, and if you are genuinely interested (serious inquiries only, please!) you can write me for the exact figure.  Here’s the fine print: we can start as early as noon and finish as late as midnight, with 7-10 hours duration in between; if the event you want to take me to is of especial interest to me, I might be convinced to stretch the start or ending times a little bit in either direction.  Most of that time needs to be spent in public; an actual party at your house would count, but just the two of us hanging out there would not.  Obviously you’re going to need to feed me at some point in there, and we can end up spending our private time (an hour or so, not strictly timed) at either my place or yours, whatever works best.

To launch this new kind of session, I’ve decided to offer a special on it: for the month of March, I’m willing to travel anywhere in the United States to do one.  That doesn’t mean you need to wait until March to arrange it; I will start accepting appointments on it immediately, as long as the session itself is in March or later.  However, you need to book by March 31st at the absolute latest.  If you live in Seattle or within three hours of travel from here, I’ll knock $200 off the price instead.  Been waiting for a good time to meet me?  Here’s your chance!

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