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Back Issue: March 2014

Modern…“leaders” are nothing but tribal chieftains who hide their naked barbarism behind fine talk, fancy titles, ersatz philosophy and elaborate rituals.  –  “Savages in Suits

March is another holiday & observance-rich month, even if only two of the ones that appeared this time (Sex Worker Rights Day and the Vernal Equinox) are always in March; Mardi Gras is more often in February.  And this time around, I also celebrated all the seasons with the two-part “A Cake for All Seasons“, featuring eight seasonal recipes.  This month’s guest columnist was Carol Fenton and its fictional interlude “Travelers’ Tales“; its Q&A columns were “The Twig is Bent“, “Nobody Asked“, “Sincerely Seeking” and “The Law of Attraction“; and its Cliterati reprints were “Savages in Suits“, “Whither Canada?“, and “Helping Themselves“.  “No Difference” showed the parallel between GLBT rights & sex worker rights; “Played Out” exposed prohibitionist fraud Rachel Moran; “I Disbelieve It!” looked at the role of belief in influencing memory; “Patronage” set out a preliminary book tour schedule and asked for reader support; “Thanks for Noticing” attempted to disabuse reporters of the notion that cops raping sex workers is a rare or unusual event; and “Jenny Haniver” looked at a bogus study specifically designed to counter one whose findings the government thought inconvenient.

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