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Back Issue: November 2012

The desire not to disappoint my loyal readers may be the most vital ingredient in the magic formula which keeps me going.  –  “Inspiration

Ouled NailNovember is a month chock full of holidays and other special days.  Besides The Day of the Dead and Thanksgiving, I always do special essays for Guy Fawkes Day (“Sic Transit Gloria Mundi“), Armistice Day (“The Angels of Dien Bien Phu“) and the official opening of the Christmas season on the day after Thanksgiving (“The Giving Season“), and this time I also did one for Election Day (“Honored in the Breach“).  Once we add regular columns like Q & A, the fictional interlude (“The Screening“), the harlotography (“Calamity Jane“) and the then-regular favorites column (“My Favorite Things You May Never Have Heard Of“), the bulk of the time that doesn’t consist of news and links columns is gone. Many of the remaining ones this time were on topics relating to “sex trafficking” myths (“Texas Tall Tales” and “The Source“), Night Walkerthe tyrannies which use it as an excuse (“Presumed Pimps“, “All the Difference“, and “Train Wreck“), and the cultural distortions the moral panic has caused (“With Friends Like These…” and “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang“).  That left only five others: a look at a most unusual shrine in Java named “Gunung Kemukus“; an explanation of the difference between morals and mores (“O Tempora!  O Mores!“); a condemnation of a sleazy dodge governments use to protect bad laws (“Genetic Fallacy“); an examination of whence my “Inspiration” comes; and a compilation of whore songs, entitled “Money Changes Everything“.From Russia with Love

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