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My Turn

Every day you’ve got to wake up
And disappear behind your makeup.
 –  Blondie, “Living In the Real World”

Maggie portrait OK, female readers (especially but not limited to sex workers), it’s my turn to ask you a question, and you can answer in the comments below (or email me if you prefer a private conversation for some reason.)  Except for occasional pre-hysterectomy episodes where my complexion went to hell for a few weeks or months, I’ve always been fortunate in that I don’t really need makeup.  My skin tends to be clear and I have excellent natural coloration; in fact, I literally never wore makeup when I was working unless the client was taking me out somewhere.  This was really convenient because I had no makeup for sex to ruin; a quick brush of the hair and I looked the same going out as I did going in.  The most I might have to do was wash my face if something got on it.  Nowadays, when I do wear makeup I just use this skin bronzer stuff which is like a powder that goes on without foundation, then do my eye makeup, blush and lipstick.  My skin isn’t oily, but neither is it dry, and I find that the oilier the foundation the more quickly it looks old and crappy on my face.  This powdery bronzer looks good for a lot longer than any foundation/powder combination I ever used, even the expensive stuff, and I can do my whole face in six minutes flat.  However, it still doesn’t last as long as I would like, and I’ve noticed it tends to make my face look tanned or flushed in photos (which is not a good look for me).  So now that I’m about to go on this tour, I’m really thinking about trying something new and I’d like suggestions.  What I’m looking for is makeup that doesn’t take 20 minutes to put on, yet looks good and lasts a long time.  It would also be nice if it doesn’t cost a fortune, and if it’s available from regular stores so I don’t have to locate a department store in a strange city that happens to carry that exclusive line.  The most important thing is the base, because I’m actually pretty happy with my other makeup; however, if you have a suggestion for a whole line I would still like to hear it.  Yes, I realize I’m asking a lot; that’s why I’m “crowdsourcing” this rather than just asking one or two friends.  I figure that somewhere out there is the perfect makeup for me, and I’d rather not try another 50 things before I find it.

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