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If everyone grew up to be what he or she wanted to be in childhood we would have a workforce made up almost entirely of firemen, ballerinas, astronauts, teachers, cowboys and nurses.  –  “Amazingly Stupid Statements

money honeyBy the end of September 2010, both my blog and my procedures were beginning to assume something remotely resembling their present form; most of the essays read like my current style, and some of the regular features I had introduced still exist today in one form or another.  For example, the fictional interludes still appear every month (this month’s example, “Dry Spell”, features the first on-screen comment from my husband), “More Q & A” was the second of its type, “Sweet Painted Ladies” was the second hooker song column and “October Miscellanea” was the first regular monthly miscellanea column, a feature which persisted until I (predictably) ran out of months to name them for.  By the beginning of last year I was getting so many news stories a monthly column was no longer enough, but even at this early stage I could have done a weekly one had I realized it would continue at that pace; “The Camel’s Nose” and “Whores in the News” are miscellanea columns as well.  Quite a few others were based around news stories: “Safe Targets”, “The Judge, the Feds and the Stripper”,Bride of FrankensteinCracks in the Dam”, “Juxtaposition”, “Anatomy of a Boondoggle”, “An Enormous Big Nothing” and “Good Fantasy, Bad Reality” all fall into that category, though as you’ll note I used to quote much larger fractions of the stories than I do now, and often paraphrased (a procedure left over from a message board I used to frequent whose moderators had the idiotic habit of deleting posts containing verbatim quotes from news articles).

Red Hot Riding HoodMy schedule had become much more regular by this time, though not as regular as it would later become; I still published each post manually after breakfast (just after 9:30 AM Central Time), but I wrote them in advance and stored them in a folder by date, reassigning dates as necessary to fit in what I considered more pressing stories.  The reason I remember this is that the column “All in the Family”, which appeared on October 4th, was originally scheduled for Jeff’s birthday (September 25th) because it’s on the topic of family; however, since he’s only barely mentioned in it I decided that was less important than getting other, more timely columns posted first.  This gives you an idea of the length of my queue at that point, about a week to ten days. Another shift is that the columns were becoming shorter: none of these were longer than 1700 words, and many were shorter than the minimum length for July; furthermore, there were no two-parters at all.

Strange Mysteries 1At this stage, I was still drawing heavily on my personal experience for subject matter and introducing non-sex working readers to a lot of basic concepts.  “Who Did Your Tits?” is the story of my boob job, “The Going Rate” discusses how escorts set their prices, “No Other Option” was the first of many columns on sex work with disabled men, “Linda” is a short character sketch of an escort I knew, “Scary Movies” is about the “bad” lessons clients learn from porn and “Deadbeats” is about nuisance callers and time-wasters.  As you may be able to tell from those last two titles, I was already starting to try to do some horror-themed columns in the days leading up to “Halloween”, but not as much yet as in later years; there were also several seasonal items in “October Miscellanea”, and the harlotography, “Five Women in Whitechapel”, featured the five victims of Jack the Ripper.  I suppose one might even include “An Older Profession Than You May Have Thought” for the spiders, but since it also includes chimpanzees and penguins that seems a bit of a stretch.

Rounding out the list are “Heart of Gold”, which discusses the stereotypical hooker; “The Love-Hate Relationship”, about Americans’ peculiar ambivalence toward whores; “Amazingly Stupid Statements”, a takedown of some of the dumbest things prohibitionists say; “Hooker Humor”, which features a few of the rare prostitute jokes that aren’t vulgar or insulting; “Playing the Harlot” and “Yesterday”, both extended responses to reader questions; “Wolves”, an attack on neofeminist pathologization of male behavior; and a short survey of “Japanese Prostitution”. Flapper on running board

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