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I’m a fairly new hobbyist and I think I have found a lady I’d like to see regularly; she’s beautiful sensual, very warm and compassionate and provides sexually everything I’m looking for.  There’s only one problem:  I can tell she doesn’t shower directly before our session.  She isn’t dirty by any means, but I like to lick a women all over her body.  How do I tell her without offending her?  Should I ask her to hop in the shower with me?

A Pompeian Bath by John William Godward (1909)Yes, I think the best way to go about it is to make a shower part of your requested activities.  Few women are going to react well to the implication that their hygiene is somehow lacking, especially if it isn’t for all normal intents and purposes.  But if you make it into a fetish thing, like the shower itself is part of what you like to do, she probably won’t take it as an insult.  Now, it is possible that she may not go for that; I never once agreed to shower with a client because once my hair gets wet, it takes a very long time to dry (and it’s very difficult to keep it from getting wet if I’m in a shower).  But many, perhaps even most, escorts probably aren’t going to mind as long as the shower is within the time you’re paying for.  There’s one other thing, too:  I know I’m not alone in being very averse to being licked.  Many women dislike having foreign saliva anyplace other than between their legs, and some don’t even like that.  Your lady may not be among their number; she may be just fine with being licked.  But all the same, it’s something you should be aware of.

Do you think there might actually be health benefits from sexual interaction with multiple partners?  I don’t mean the psychological boost some people receive from it, but an actual physical boost to your immune system.  In years long past, I would get a cold or two every year, but for the past ten years or so I have almost never been sick.  I attribute that partly to the fact that I have had intimate contact about once a month for the past ten years with a good number of healthy women.  You obviously exchange some germs, but at the same time you are inoculating each other because in healthy people the levels are low.

I totally believe you’re right about the immune-system boost; I know that all while I was working I practically never got sick, and I think it’s because I was exposed to so many different conventional bacteria.  In fact, I actually wrote about this in my second Q & A column three years ago this month.

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