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panopticonI have noticed that in the last few years there’ve been an unusually large number of stories about female teachers getting involved with their male students.   I used to read occasionally about a male teacher and a female student, but now there are many more stories than before, and nearly all about female teachers.  What’s changed? Was this always going on, and is now just being detected more?  Did people used to not care about this, or is this a consequence of the growing surveillance state?

While the increased presence of cops in schools and the growth of “snitch culture” are certainly contributing factors, what has really changed most is the legal climate.  It used to rightfully be understood that most teen boys would kill to fuck am attractive female teacher, but that changed due to the increasing infantilization of teenagers:  whereas teen boys used to be considered young men, now they are “children”; whereas sex with an older woman would have previously been considered a rite of passage, now it’s “child molestation”.  Furthermore, in recent decades the “authorities” have recognized that they could use “feminist” assumptions now coded into law to persecute women just as they have always persecuted men; the “Violence Against Women Act”, for example, increased arrests of women by 446% in California.  What this all boils down to is that the rate of the “crime” has not increased; it’s just that it was not previously called a “crime” and nobody pretended it was one.  And given that some now want to extend adolescence into the mid-twenties, the problem is likely to get a lot worse before it gets better.

How have the NSA surveillance revelations impacted sex workers?  Is there any sort of push for encrypting communications with clients?

There’s no big push yet, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one were to appear soon.  Cops usually entrap escorts by stings rather than by surveillance, but most of us are rightfully paranoid and will close any security holes we see.

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