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Police officers who risk their lives every day…deserve every possible protection, and those who treat them with disrespect [and] harass them…deserve to pay a price for their actions.  –  Joe Griffo

This was definitely not a quiet week for news.  The giant surveillance scandals (which I linked the first hint of five weeks ago) dominated the US media and were big news nearly everywhere in the world, because everyone is affected; nearly all internet traffic passes through servers on American soil, and the US government claims the right to interfere with or spy on any of it without bothering to let anyone know.  Even the smaller world of harlotry was buzzing with stories; I featured a record-setting 26 of them in yesterday’s TW3 column.  But the field of interesting links was a little quieter except for the usual police brutality stories.  The top contributor this week was Radley Balko, with everything down to the first video (itself provided by Buzz Aldrin).  The second video was banned from British TV for being “sexist and degrading to women”, and was contributed by Mike Siegel; the links between the two are from Mike Riggs (“judges”), Lenore Skenazy (“magic word”), Cthulhuchick (“badgers”),  Grace (“killer shrimp”), Jesse Walker (“hero”), Gods & Monsters  (“ducks”), my cat (“smuggler”), and Thomas Larson (“zombies”).

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