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Twice and thrice over, as they say, good is it to repeat and review what is good.  –  Plato

All of today’s questions and answers appeared previously in comment threads, and I’ve linked the originals; I thought it best to repeat them in-column not only to ensure that everyone gets to see them, but also so that they can be referenced in “Previously Asked Questions”.  If you have a question of your own, please check that page to see if I’ve answered it in a previous column, and if not just click here to ask me via email.

Venus At Her Mirror by Peter Paul Rubens (1615)Is there a market for escorts who are in their 40s and chubby or who are obviously mothers?  If so what could such a woman expect to earn?

There is a market for “BBW” (Big Beautiful Woman) escorts, and definitely for mature ones, and for the combination as well.  The most important thing for mature ladies is personality; gentlemen who see older escorts usually want an interesting companion as much as or more than they want sex.  As for income, you’ll have to check your local escort boards, but I expect it isn’t much different from other women in your area.

What advice could you give to a smaller-than-average man married to a larger-than-average woman?  Between oral, manual and toys, we can satisfy each other, but I sometimes wish we could make good old-fashioned penetration work for us.

Woman on top is good for men with smaller penises, and also allows for manual clitoral stimulation; if your wife is fairly flexible, she can also lie on her back with her knees pulled all the way up until they’re alongside her tits.  Rear-entry (“doggie style”) also shortens and tightens the vagina, but it won’t work well if the woman is generously endowed in the derriere; this can be mitigated somewhat if she is flexible and can get on her knees while pressing her bosom as flat against the mattress as she can (it also helps if the man crouches to penetrate instead of getting on his knees). And of course, there’s also anal sex; a smaller penis is actually an advantage for that activity.

What screening process do P411 and Date Check use to insure that providers are legitimate and not planted by law enforcement?

P411 requires that girls have several reviews, and I think they also need a vouch from a client or already-approved girl but I’m not sure of that.  I don’t know about Date Check personally, but Aspasia wrote that she had to be vouched for by established escorts and email them a photocopy of her ID.

Is there a length or thickness of penis beyond which most escorts would not have sex?

woman with tape measureI never encountered one I could not accept because of thickness, and I honestly don’t think very many other escorts have, either; the vagina is elastic enough to allow a baby’s head through, and there’s no penis remotely close to that in diameter. There is a common male myth that a lot of sex can make a woman loose, but this is pure, unadulterated nonsense; only childbirth can do that.  Excessive length is a problem because it can “bottom out” against the cervix, but in that case a thin penis is worse than a thick one because it allows the head to ram harder against the sensitive tissues, whereas a thick one will be slowed down by friction.  To a degree we deal with that by choosing positions which don’t allow deep penetration, but I have heard of some ladies who specify that they won’t see men over a certain length.

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