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There’s only one thing wrong with wife swapping. You get another wife. –  Scott Roeben

The accepted and more politically correct term for it is of course “swinging”, but frankly I prefer the older term, and it isn’t just because I’m sexually submissive and it’s a lot more descriptive than the rather vague, bland “swinging”.  No, the main reason I prefer “wife swapping” is that it’s a hell of a lot more honest.  Blah blah blah “sexist”, blah blah blah “objectification”, blah blah blah “ignores the woman’s experience”, blah blah blah.  The fact is that, with a few exceptions, most women who swing do so to please their husbands, and so become whores whose price is exactly equal to that of all other women in the “swinging” community.  Rather than exchanging cash, a “swinging” wife accepts as her price the other woman’s services to her husband.  It is a barter arrangement, so “wife swapping” is both accurate and to the point in a way the mealy-mouthed “swinging” could never be.

The line between the two is narrower than you might think.  I’ve known a few married hookers who started out as swingers and then realized that if they were going to do strange men anyhow they might as well get paid for it, and I’ve also known a few retired hookers whose husbands missed the turn-on of their wives with other men and so suggested swinging.  Despite neofeminist obfuscation to the contrary, the real mental line which has to be crossed to become a prostitute is the barrier against having sex with strange men; once one has made that mental adjustment, being paid comes naturally.  Yes, there are sluts who will rant and rave and fume that they’re “better” than whores because they don’t take cash in hand, but since most of them expect gifts, vacations, spending money, etc their posturing is either denial or excuse-making.  And just let one of them get pregnant (because she was too stupid to take precautions, too scheming or fearful to take Plan B and too whatever to get an abortion) and watch how quickly she starts negotiating her price.

There is, of course, one other difference in the United States:  Except in locations where adultery is against the law, swinging is legal while prostitution isn’t.  Wrap your head around that, now:  Both involve women having sex with strange men in return for something, both are often arranged via internet or alternative newspaper ads, both usually involve male infidelity, both are considered shocking by prudes, and both could result in spreading venereal disease if appropriate precautions are not taken.  Yet the one which allows a woman sex completely on her own terms and enables her to directly fund her chosen lifestyle is illegal.  Let the prohibitionists make whatever excuses they like, because they have no clothes on.

Obviously, most women who swing will never officially become hookers; they aren’t brave enough to go solo, they don’t need the money, they don’t want to risk arrest, they like being picky about whom they see, they enjoy the “club” social atmosphere of swinger groups, etc.  And since swingers can be found among all types of people, most swapped wives are average looking just as most of the population is, so even if they wished to turn pro they probably wouldn’t really be able to make much of a living at it.  And it’s probably for the best they don’t or can’t; the professional community doesn’t need a bunch of enthusiastic but completely ignorant amateurs glutting the market and undercutting our prices!

But beside the few swinger/whores, the communities intersect in another way:  couple calls.  A couple call is one way for a husband to ease a reluctant wife into swinging; it also eliminates one potential human factor, and if the wife becomes upset at the sight of her husband with another woman the only consequences are financial rather than social.  Even experienced swingers might occasionally hire a call girl, since this allows them a freer (and usually higher-quality) choice of play companions with no strings attached.  In couple calls the woman’s reaction is usually the “X” factor (though I did have one experience in which it was the other way around), but in swinging trouble can go either way because both parties have to deal emotionally with “competition”.  I daresay everyone who has ever known swingers has heard horror stories of jealousy, drama and the like; there is no way to tell how often such things happen among neophyte swingers, though they would have to be rare among experienced ones or else they would never have gone that far.  The biggest potential cause of problems among established swingers isn’t jealousy but rather rules violations.

In an escort-client relationship, the rules are clear and firmly enforced by the professional, but when everyone involved is an amateur motivated only by emotions there is a great deal more potential for drama and even disaster; it is therefore absolutely imperative that everyone is on the same page and the expectations, etiquette and ground rules are firmly established from the beginning.  Like BDSM, swinging requires a high degree of trust between the partners, and either activity can intensify a strong relationship or destroy a weak one.  And though I do not know this for a statistical fact, I strongly suspect (from personal observations and anecdotal evidence) that in swinging it is the woman who is more often than not the weak link.  The reason should be obvious; while most men have no problem separating sex from emotion and can enjoy shagging strange women for the pure carnal joy of the act, many women have a tendency to become emotionally attached to men with whom they have sex (even some escorts have to wrestle with such feelings on occasion).  If her own marriage is strong this might present no problem as long as they avoid too many encounters with the same couple, but if her marriage is weak she may attach to her lover more strongly than to her husband, with serious consequences for both marriages.  And if she still harbors some resentment for being talked into wife swapping in the first place, those consequences might be catastrophic.

As I’ve mentioned before, I was rather a wild child in university; I experimented, was frequently invited into threesomes and became for a while (at her invitation) the mistress of an older girlfriend’s husband.  So as you might expect, I knew a number of sexually unconventional couples, and among them three with “open marriages”.  I think these are rarer now than they were in the ‘80s, probably because they don’t usually work.  An “open marriage” is essentially swinging without any rules; both parties are allowed to sleep with whomever they want, whenever they want, and as you might expect one invariably does it a lot more often than the other.  In all three cases I knew, the wife “wore the pants” and eventually became involved with a shy, easily-dominated boy in his late teens for whom she eventually left her weak husband; I discussed the aftermath of one of the cases in my column of August 19th.  The reason I mention this is because it demonstrates the need for mutually-acceptable rules to which both partners strictly adhere; obviously these marriages were all “flawed from the forge”, but even a good marriage can be harmed by swinging if the rules are unclear and feelings get hurt.

One final difference between swinging and “hobbying” is demonstrated by two news articles I recently read; the first reports that swinging clubs’ business is way down due to the bad economy, while the second claims that prostitution has actually increased.  Assuming both statistics are correct, I think we can pretty safely guess the reason for the disparity; while swinging also involves the wife (who is liable to nix money being spent on sex when times are tough), visiting whores only involves the husband, who may be no less prone to “let the little head do the thinking” when money is tight than otherwise.

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No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body. –  Margaret Sanger

The lie at the heart of neofeminism is perfectly illustrated by the way in which it misuses the slogan which forms the title of today’s column.  For the record, I support a woman’s free and unfettered right to an abortion in the first trimester; after that the nervous system of the baby (the medical term “fetus”, though technically correct, is too often used to obscure the truth by dehumanizing the subject of the discussion) begins to develop to a high enough degree for it to be considered human, and therefore entitled to the same protections as severely retarded children who are dependent on life support.  Twelve weeks is plenty of time to decide whether one wants an abortion or not, and barring late-term developments which endanger the mother it is thus a reasonable compromise between her rights and those of the unborn child.  To restrict abortion further is to reduce women to state-owned incubators for future taxpayers, and to allow it without any restrictions at all is to establish the dangerous legal precedent that some humans can be legally declared disposable.  I am not dogmatic about the date (a doctor might be able to convince me that, say, the 16th week is a better dividing line), nor am I declaring this so as to open the topic for debate; in fact, I specifically ask that none of my readers reply on the subject because A) this is not an appropriate venue for it; and B) Americans are as a group completely irrational about it and prefer to insist on either total illegality under any circumstance or total legality up until the moment labor starts.  The only reason I mention it at all is because I don’t want either anti-choice fanatics or anti-life fanatics claiming me as one of their own on the basis of selective interpretation of any statements I might make in today’s column.

OK, now that’s out of the way I must point out that though the landmark Roe vs. Wade decision established that a woman’s right to privacy includes her right to own and control her own body, the broader implications of the decision have been completely ignored in favor of a psychotic interpretation that a woman’s right to control her own sexuality does not include the right to have sex with whoever she chooses on whatever terms she chooses, yet does give her certain power over the persons of others!  In many (in some cases most or all) of the United States a woman is not legally permitted to consent to certain forms of sex (prostitution, BDSM, oral sex, etc) no matter how old she is, and in some states “mandatory prosecution laws” deny a woman the right to choose whether to press “domestic violence” charges on her husband or boyfriend, thus granting outsiders the power to judge her relationships and deny her access to her chosen partner through his incarceration.  Conversely, in some parts of the country a woman has the right to kill a viable baby (22 weeks or more) or to force a man to pay her substantial sums of money for two decades through theft of his genetic material (whether by lying about birth control or by the turkey-baster method).  The modern American woman is like a chained princess, able to control other’s bodies but not her own.

The reason for this profoundly asinine interpretation of a simple legal principle (the right of every citizen to be free from government interference in his or her private life) is, in a word, neofeminism.  After the neofeminists seized control of second-wave feminism in the late ‘70s, the “feminist” establishment became little more than a front for a determined campaign to castrate and subjugate men and eliminate traditional heterosexual relationships.  One must presume that even the most fanatical neofeminists recognize the need for reproduction, but they want to be sure that it is absolutely, completely and totally under neofeminist control and that any hint of pleasure or self-determination for men is removed from the equation.  Rabid neofeminists hate men exactly as misogynistic religious fundamentalists hate women; they accept them as a necessary evil but demand they be totally dominated by the state and forced to use their bodies only to serve women’s needs.  The neofeminist plan for men is like the Islamic fundamentalist plan for women:  the subjugated gender is vilified as inferior, treacherous and morally corrupt and is condemned to a life of unending toil, servitude and sexual submission with even the most minor transgressions subject to incredibly harsh penalties, all for the “good of society.”  And because of this, neofeminists oppose any and all forms of sexuality which allow a man to achieve gratification at a fair price such as porn, prostitution and equal marital relationships.

Given this catechism of hate, it should be obvious why the neofeminists support unlimited abortion rights and the principle of “rights without responsibilities for the woman, responsibilities without rights for the man” in anything to do with children, yet oppose a woman’s right to earn her living by pleasing men in any way or to consent to a relationship in which the man seems to have the upper hand.  To the neofeminist mind, the claim of “equal rights for women” is nothing but an excuse for the suppression of men and heterosexuality.  Equal rights entail equal responsibilities, and full social participation requires personal autonomy and the right to self-determination, yet the neofeminists consistently support legislation which reduces women to legally incompetent wards of the state.  Mandatory domestic violence prosecution, current paternity law and the “Nordic Model” of prostitution law all presume that adult women exist in a state of perpetual childhood in which we are neither competent to make our own decisions regarding sexual relations with men, nor liable for the consequences arising from our actions.

As I discussed in my column on modern marriage, it is a common misconception that the gender of those in power in a modern government has any real effect on its actions.  As I said in that column, “Institutions are inherently sexless; they can be made up of men, women, machines or any combination thereof without making any difference in their motivations or behavior.  All organizations, no matter what their constituency, wish to survive and grow, and will obtain that end by any means necessary; since the most powerful social forces emanate from women it is women who must be controlled in order to control society, even if those in power are mostly female.”  Because of their particular psychological dysfunction the neofeminists have an emotional need to control men, but that does not free them from the practical need to control women in order to control society.  And so they mouth platitudes about a “woman’s right to choose” while vehemently opposing it in actuality.

But now we’re seeing a new kind of feminist; most third-wave feminists enjoy being women, like men, enjoy sex and have internalized “equality” rhetoric to the point where they don’t want men to be treated unfairly any more than they want women to be.  They accept sex work as a valid choice, support a woman’s right to engage in BDSM and some have even spoken out against the way modern law treats men.  For the present, the neofeminists still dominate the establishment and still control the majority of grant money and legal discourse involving women, but that can’t last forever; the nasty old bitches who have been flapping around since the ‘70s like bloated vampire bats are starting to die off, and despite their efforts to indoctrinate a new generation of disciples their numbers are decreasing and their rhetoric seems more and more strident and disgusting to most young women.  So it’s only a matter of time before most of the feminists who have the ears of legislators will be those who embrace their sexuality rather than frightened, dried-up old hags, and when that day comes perhaps “a woman’s right to choose” will become something more than merely a euphemism for abortion.

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You can make prostitution illegal, but you can’t make it unpopular. –  Martin Behrman

No, I’m not getting lazy, I promise!  It’s just that as my network of contacts expands I keep finding other essays from brilliant, beautiful sex workers which say things so well that I couldn’t possibly improve on them.  Case in point: today’s first article, cribbed from Brandy Devereaux; I’ve paraphrased the included news article because the current monotonous AP style with its endless repetition of words makes me crazy, but Brandy’s comments are verbatim.

Immoral Purposes

Is The Tyra Banks Show involved in child trafficking?  Seems to me that this is what it boils down to.  Wouldn’t this violate The Mann Act?  The girl was transported across state lines for the purpose of exploitation (not an actual sex act but still…).  From what I can find, here is the current Mann Act [as amended 22 years ago today – Maggie]:

Whoever knowingly persuades, induces, entices, or coerces any woman or girl  to go from one place to another in interstate or foreign commerce, or in the District of Columbia or in any Territory or Possession of the United States,  for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose, or with the intent and purpose on the part of such person that such woman or girl shall engage in the practice of prostitution or debauchery, or any other  immoral practice, whether with or without her consent, and thereby knowingly causes  such woman or girl to go and to be carried or transported as a passenger upon the line or route of any common carrier or carriers in interstate or foreign commerce, or in the District of Columbia or in any Territory or Possession of the United States, shall be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

A Georgia woman is suing Tyra Banks, Warner Brothers and the producers of The Tyra Banks Show for $3 million after her 15-year-old daughter appeared without her permission on a 2009 episode about teen “sex addicts”.  In a lawsuit filed on October 8th in Atlanta, Beverly McClendon claims the show contacted the teen on her cell phone after she responded to a request on the show’s website seeking “sex addicts.”  The girl was then picked up from her home in a limo and flown to New York, where she was lodged in a hotel, all without her mother’s knowledge.

(“Whoever knowingly persuades, induces, entices, or coerces any woman or girl to go from one place to another in interstate or foreign commerce, or in the District of Columbia or in any Territory or Possession of the United States…” – check)

McClendon filed a missing person report with local police when she realized her daughter was gone.  McClendon says her daughter has never been diagnosed as a “sex addict” and suffered damages because the show “was undoubtedly watched by sexual deviants, perverts and pedophiles.”

(…for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose…)

The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and asks for $1 million in compensatory damages and $2 million in punitive damages, and also asks that the episode be barred from ever being aired again on television or online.  Warner Brothers Television Group spokesman Scott Rowe said Sunday that the company had no comment, and Banks’ publicist, agent and lawyer did not immediately return calls.  The suit also says that the show violated McClendon’s right to privacy by putting her underage daughter on television, and accuses the named parties of negligence because though the teen was paid for her appearance, the show failed to get either parental permission or permission from the labor commissioner to employ a minor to fly to New York, stay in a hotel alone and appear on the show.

(…in interstate or foreign commerce…)

Yes yes I know.  But that’s DIFFERENT you say…she wasn’t man-handled by a bunch of sleazy men you say.  Let’s look at this – she (a MINOR) was transported across state lines for the purpose of sexual exploitation.  She didn’t go on the show to talk about Barbie dolls people, she went on there to discuss SEX.  The show profited off of a minor who was transported across state lines.  Now if the mom was right and there was a bunch of pedophiles and perverts jacking off at home to this little girl discussing sex, then doesn’t that equal debauchery?  (Term “debauchery”…is not limited to being synonym for “seduce,” but includes also exposing of woman to such influences as will naturally and inevitably so corrupt her mind and character  as to lead her to act of sexual immorality, or leading of already sexually corrupt woman to engage or continue more or less habitually in sexually immoral practices.)  By this time, y’all are probably frustrated with my reasoning skills.  That’s ok.  You think it’s just not the same.  Well guess what?  Consenting adult sex work is NOT the same as human trafficking and exploitation either…

[Bravo, Brandy!  Of course there’s no way Time-Warner will ever be prosecuted for violating the Mann Act; the government is too busy suppressing consensual acts by individuals in the name of fighting “child trafficking” to concern itself with ACTUAL child trafficking by a mega-corporation.]

Good Advice

I don’t think much of any cable news network, most especially not “fair and balanced” Fox News.  But if Fox newsreaders are going to start advocating that men hire hookers, I just might be persuaded to change my mind.  The following is paraphrased (to put the emphasis where it belongs) from a story on Huffington Post:

On Friday (November 12th), Fox News anchor Chris Wallace (of Fox News Sunday) advised radio host Mike Gallagher to hire an escort if he was lonely.  After Gallagher said he hoped to have Wallace’s wife as a guest on his radio show when her book was released in the coming year, he added “This woman is a saint for putting up with you…I gotta find out what the secret is.”

“Maybe the secret is I know how to satisfy a woman.  Has that ever occurred to you?” Wallace replied.  He then went on to say, “if I had my own pad and was a bachelor in New York, I wouldn’t be lonely.  It’d be party night.”  A few minutes later, Wallace asked Gallagher why he was so “lonely” in New York, and told him to call one of the “advertisements for, like, gentlemen’s clubs and escort services.”

“I’m not going to a gentleman’s club,” Gallagher said, “Are you crazy?”

“Because you’re not a man,” Wallace said.

Sounds like reasonable advice to me.  On behalf of the escorts and strippers of New York, I say thank you Mr. Wallace!

10 Tips for Dealing With Cops

I saw this slideshow on Huffington Post, intended to advertise a new DVD by the same title.  Though the tips are mostly intended to be of use in routine traffic stops, they are also good advice to escorts (especially the first four and #10).  As I said in the comments for my column of November 14th I myself am terrible at #1, but I repeat #4 like a mantra to naïve whores who believe in magic formulae.  The article and slideshow were written by Neill Franklin, technical advisor to the video and executive director of an organization called LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), an activist group made up of cops who support legalization of drugs and an end to the destructive “War On Drugs”.  It’s very heartening to see the good cop minority organizing itself to educate people about their rights and speak out against the insanity of at least one type of consensual crime.  Obviously, advocating for drug legalization has become politically correct whereas advocating for the decriminalization of our trade is not yet, but perhaps sometime in the new decade LEAP or an organization like it will add prostitution to the list of activities it advocates against the prohibition of, and for many of the same reasons.

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Fifth floor!  Rubber tires, sugar, bourbon, butter, and other picture postcards! –  Bugs Bunny, from Hare Conditioned (1945)

Another collection of short, tenuously-related articles.

The Camel’s Nose

In my above-titled column of October 2nd, I discussed a congressional plot to rush through legislation which would give Congress and federal judges both broad powers to censor the internet.  The conspiracy to sneak this law past the American people in ten days was foiled, but its sponsors haven’t given up by any means; as I pointed out in Saturday’s column oppressive regimes hate the internet and are always seeking new ways to censor it.  This recent article from Huffington Post discusses the efforts to oppose the power elite’s newest strategy in its ongoing efforts to turn the United States into a police state like most of the others where prostitution is still illegal.

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind the Curtain!

While the FBI spends hundreds of millions of dollars to harass prostitutes under the smoke screen of “rescuing missing children”, the government has purposefully hidden data which could find many of them, namely the records of the Internal Revenue Service.  The IRS claims its refusal to release these records is because of “privacy restrictions”, which is a bit like a rapist trying to explain his actions as a defense of feminine chastity.  Obviously, we can’t have the IRS publicly admitting that roughly 95% of “missing” children are actually living with the parent they prefer rather than the one to whom a clueless judge assigned custody; not only would that ruin a good moral panic and the excuse for the government’s anti-whore campaign, it would also force the authorities to find another bogeyman with which to frighten the sheeple into accepting ever-increasing surveillance and restrictions on civil liberties.

What If They Threw a Party and Nobody Came?

In my columns of September 2nd and October  26th I talked about Gardasil, the vaccine against the human papillomavirus.  Well, according to this recent Huffington Post article, more than 70% of the girls who are most at risk for venereal warts are either not getting the shot or else failing to show up for the two boosters.  The article suggests several possible reasons, including our society’s preference for treating symptoms over preventative measures and the excessive cost of the injections ($200 each where I live).  The author also suggests a “misguided distrust of all vaccines,” which despite her medical credentials I would have to disagree with considering the annual clamor for unnecessary “flu shots” among the perfectly healthy and the proliferation of antibacterial everything.  No, I think her last guess is the best one:

Or perhaps it’s our prudish mores, which don’t approve of vaccines that protects us from sexually transmitted infections.  Some groups feel it might in some way be sending the wrong message to young girls.  Certainly no one in the medical community is advocating sexually [sic] promiscuity for young women, nor trying to send the message that safe sex is no longer needed once you are vaccinated.  We are also continuing to advocate pap smears exams for women at the age of 21 or for those who are sexually active.

I’d be willing to bet a substantial sum on that being the real reason, no matter what the reader comments to the original article claim.  If there were a vaccine for HIV or hepatitis people might get it because those diseases can also be spread by blood, but if there were one for herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea or even chlamydia I’m sure it would be just as unpopular as this one.  And the reason for that is the same reason that the rate of venereal disease is vastly higher among university students than it is among streetwalkers:  The bizarre but popular delusion, encouraged by cops and religious fundamentalists, that only “bad girls” take precautions against venereal diseases.

Weird Search Terms

Among the many interesting blog statistics available to WordPress users is a daily summary of terms with which people found one’s site through search engines.  Most of these are unsurprising; the most common ones by far for this blog are various permutations of “maggie mcneill”, “the honest courtesan” or some combination of the two, followed by “siemiradzki” and “henryk siemiradzki”; Siemiradzki was the 19th-century Polish artist who painted  “Phryne at the Festival of Eleusin”, a segment of which adorns my column on Phryne.  Apparently there aren’t many of his pictures online, because in a Google image search of his name that column shows up on the first page, which results in it actually being the specific column with the second-most hits (after Whores in the News).

But among all the obvious or at least understandable searches there are a few which are just…weird.  One of these, “types of hound dogs” wouldn’t be weird in and of itself…but how in the world did it lead the searcher here?  And another, “the old honest courtesan”, is the opposite; it’s obvious how it led him here, but what does it really mean?  As for the rest…well, you be the judge; these are reproduced exactly as they appeared in my statistics:

the badge of harlotry
escorts that casterate
lord of war coke line
“she cuts” “foreskin”
vagina preaching

Then, just the other day, someone found this column with the search “facts about the heffalump”; I certainly hope the searcher realized that heffalumps were the undescribed products of A.A. Milne’s imagination.

For Those Who Think Dating is Safer Than Whoring…

The following is paraphrased from an Associated Press release; I can’t say I’ve ever heard of anything quite like it, but murderous rage after being jilted really isn’t anything new:

A Los Angeles man was arrested Friday (November 12th) and charged with trying to run down his ex-girlfriend with his car after she refused his wedding proposal at the Burger Stop.  After the woman said no, 22-year-old Francisco Hernandez allegedly drove onto the sidewalk, through bushes and into the restaurant parking lot, narrowly missing her; “Stacy Will You Marry Me” was written on the car’s back window.  Hernandez then fled on foot and was later arrested after cops spotted him walking down the street with a bouquet of flowers.  Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Berg says Hernandez was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

I’m not clear on why he left the car, nor if he fled with the flowers or bought them for an apology attempt in the time between the attack and his arrest.  I wonder what the card said; “Please forgive me from trying to murder you?”  Luckily for the lady, she must have lacked my appreciation for the absurdity of his initial actions; if a 22-year-old boy had proposed to me in  the parking lot of a burger joint, I think I would’ve been too doubled over with laughter to avoid the car.  Also, if the girl had been a whore and he had tried to run her down for refusing his offer of $50 for six hours of nonstop sex, the cops would’ve ignored it and the prohibitionists would be using it as an example of why prostitution was too dangerous to allow.

…And Always Know Where Your Towel Is

While browsing the TCAA site I discovered this link to SWOP’s suggestion for every hooker to develop a “Don’t Panic” plan she can give to friends in case she is arrested.  The idea is that if a woman knows her kids, pets, house, etc are being taken care of while she is delayed for hours after the arrest, she is less likely to panic and let the cops take advantage of her.  Our having procedures like this in place helped me to stay calm after my arrest and got me out of the clutches of the cops within half an hour of their finally allowing me my one phone call.  Some of the suggestions in the document are specific to San Francisco or presume that one will fight the charge rather than just settling it, but the rest is very worth thinking about.  A good agency will take care of all this, but many agencies aren’t good and many girls work alone; such an unprotected girl needs someone (who can be counted on to answer the phone while she’s working) to know where she is, what she’s doing and what to do in an emergency.

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Anarchism is a game at which the police can beat you. –  George Bernard Shaw

In every country in the world where prostitution is illegal, from Southeast Asia to Russia to Africa to the United States, prostitutes at every level of the profession (but most often streetwalkers) are raped by the police on a regular basis.  The report presented on November 5th to the UN Human Rights Council by the Best Practices Policy Project, Desiree Alliance, and the Sexual Rights Initiative contains a section entitled “Freedom from torture, and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” which reads in part:

U.S. sex workers’ greatest fear is abuse by the police and other state agents.  Organizations working with sex workers have documented a pattern of practice by police towards sex workers, which includes assault, sexual harassment and rape that constitutes torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment…When sex workers seek recourse for crimes committed against them, officers do not take their reports seriously or may further violate these sex workers by arresting them, physically assaulting them or pressuring them for sex.

This is not an exaggeration; if anything it is a polite understatement of the problem.  Of the whores I know who have been raped, a fair percentage of them were raped by police; the prevalence of it in San Francisco was one of the issues which spurred the founding of COYOTE.  Nor are these abuses limited to local law enforcement personnel; activist Jill Brenneman reported in September on her rape by a federal air marshal (WARNING: this is both graphic and disturbing).  Do I believe that a disproportionate percentage of rapists join the police?  Not at all; I believe that as Lord Acton observed, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Many cops are simply not afraid of the consequences of their actions, and so are more likely to act on an impulse to commit rape than men in the general population, particularly when the victim is a prostitute, because hookers are vastly less likely to report the crime and less likely to be believed even if they do report it.

But when the typical siege mentality (i.e. cops lying or committing crimes to protect other cops even if they know them to be guilty) is strong in a department, rapist cops may also choose non-professional women as victims.  As I’ve alluded to in the past, the first time I was raped was by three cops whom I let into my own home because I was still young (28) and naïve enough to trust them.  I was not a professional at the time, but as I mentioned in my column of July 30th my ex had accused me of it, which was apparently enough for these bullies.  Because they knew that an accusation with visible injury might possibly be believed, they refrained from beating or otherwise physically injuring me (except for abrasions from the handcuffs and some bruising on my arms, thighs and abdomen).  They told me that no one would believe my allegations of rape, so I might as well “relax and enjoy it like a good little whore.”  Well, I relaxed as much as I could with a gun pointed at my head, and they eventually got done and left and I showered until the hot water ran out, then hard-as-nails Maggie McNeill curled up on the sofa and cried until about three o’clock in the morning.

I was not and am not concerned with whether I acted “correctly” in failing to report them; from my viewpoint the rape could last an hour and be over except for nightmares and flashbacks, or I could let lawyers and judges and cops subject me to a waking nightmare, a slow-motion rape that might go on for months or years.  No thank you.  Those of you who are concerned about the possibility they might victimize other women will be glad to hear that one of them was accused of rape by someone else two years later and another was arrested on a charge of domestic violence in 2000.  I never saw or heard the third one’s name so I don’t know if karma has dealt with him yet, but I have faith that it will.  Here is a recent example of the sort of thing I avoided by not reporting them; it was paraphrased from a report on scnow.com:

A young woman was raped by a Marion, South Carolina police officer, then threatened with prison by two other cops (one of them female) unless she “confessed” that her report was false.  She was in a traffic accident on the morning of September 25th, then in the afternoon officer Tyrone Reed showed up at her door, ostensibly to talk about the accident; when she let him in he raped her.

After she told her boyfriend about the attack, he reported it to the police and lieutenants Farmer Blue and Betty Gause came to her house to “investigate” the complaint.  “I showed him the trash where I know the officer that assaulted me was standing and I said, ‘Here’s the tissue,’ and Blue got the tissue out of the trash can and he took that evidence with him,” she said. “I never saw [an evidence bag].  I asked him what he was going to do with it and he said, ‘He got this.’”  The lieutenants then got another call and had to leave the scene, but before leaving, they told her to go to an area hospital.  Once there, she waited for several hours to be examined; someone from the rape crisis center should have been notified immediately by the hospital staff, but mysteriously that didn’t happen.  “Every victim is entitled to a specialized sexual assault victims’ advocate” said Lisa Hyatt, the victim services coordinator for the local Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Assault.

After the victim returned to her apartment, Gause and Blue followed in order to inflict a second, emotional rape on the distraught young woman.  “He read me my [Miranda] rights.  And I thought I was going to jail, there was no doubt in my mind,” she said.  “They told me to listen up.” She said the officers told her State Law Enforcement Division agents would question her:  “‘When SLED comes in and they find anything wrong with your story, they are taking you to prison.  You’re going to prison for five years,’” the victim said Blue and Gause told her.  “They said, ‘Your story is all over the place.  We talked to our officer and his story sounds consistent.  You don’t look like a rape victim.’”  Gause then told her that a rape victim is ‘balled up in a corner, shivering’ when police respond to the reported assault.  She responded, “I don’t know what a rape victim looks like.  I never thought this would happen to me.”

The officers then questioned her about changing her clothes and shoes after the incident; “They said, ‘We don’t know anybody that go out and come in and change clothes and don’t wash, that’s nasty.”  She said the officers went on to tell her five years was a long time for her to be in prison and away from her 4-year-old daughter.  “And I said, ‘If you don’t want to call it rape and I didn’t agree to it and I didn’t consent to it, what is it?’  They couldn’t give me no answer,” she said.  The officers then told her just as long as she wrote in her statement that she wasn’t raped, SLED agents would not arrest her; they forced her to write, “Though I didn’t agree or consent to it (it) was not rape,” and to sign it.  Apparently satisfied by their disgusting manipulation of a rape victim to save their buddy from the consequences of his actions, the two then returned to the office and wrote a report claiming that the victim had “recanted her story”.

Fortunately, she refused to take this lying down and went to the media with it; this resulted in Reed being suspended from the force without pay until “an investigation can be completed,” but he has not been arrested or charged with rape as any non-cop would have been.  The investigation was turned over to the SLED, but no action of any kind has been taken against Blue or Gause despite their heavy-handed attempt at intimidation and obstruction of justice.  State police officials said proper department protocol was not followed, because SLED should have been called immediately to investigate; Marion police shouldn’t have handled the matter because the incident involved an officer in that department.  Hyatt said she’ never before heard of an alleged sexual assault victim being read a Miranda warning; her Coalition has been working closely with the victim since the incident.  “She shows classic post-trauma symptoms and she continues to display those symptoms,” Hyatt said.

“I just want to start by saying that I didn’t recant my story or change anything I said happened.  I was coerced by officer Blue and…Gause to…put what I said at the end of my report,” the victim said.  “[They] are saying, ‘He was wrong for coming, but I was wrong for letting him in.’  He had on a uniform and I wasn’t thinking nothing of it,” she said.  “When you see an officer, you’re either scared of them or you’re going to respect them and let them in…because I didn’t scream loud enough or fight hard enough, I wasn’t a victim.  I never thought this would happen in my own domain.”  Since the incident, the victim said, she has been afraid to drive because she’s scared she’ll be stopped by an officer.  “I don’t sleep too well because I’m always thinking about what happened.  They make it seem like it was my fault,” she said.

Note the insultingly patronizing attitude of the cops; a rape victim is told how she “should” react, just as cops, neofeminists and politicians tell whores how we “should” feel about prostitution.  Every woman reacts differently to rape; while this young woman is now afraid to drive, I was afraid of walkie-talkies.  My rapists’ police radios kept beeping and squawking during the whole ordeal, and for years afterward I had to fight down panic whenever I heard such a sound in public.  Even now I tend to jump when I hear it; fortunately the explosion of cell phones have made such radios less common among maintenance men and other non-cops who used to use them.  And though I’m not afraid of cops any more, I think I can be forgiven for disliking them intensely.

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Since I’ve gained a large number of new readers lately, I should explain that once a month I present a fictional tale of whores vs. bad guys.  If you like this one you may be interested in previous entries from July, August, September and October, and if you don’t you may rest assured we’ll be back to the regular nonfiction columns tomorrow.


The man walked down the dirty, empty street, keeping to the shadows and avoiding the occasional video camera by carefully plotting his course.  There weren’t many in this part of town, and those were mostly located at major intersections or near businesses; by travelling in side-streets and alleys he could make it to his hunting ground unobserved.  He turned the collar of his overcoat up against the November cold, drew his hat lower on his brow and then returned his hand to his pocket, fingering the surgical knife there.  Like the transparent polymer gloves which covered his hands, he had stolen it from the hospital where he worked; fifteen years of experience with institutional procedures allowed him to be certain nobody would ever discover it missing.

The evening damp chilled him to the bone and as the wind bit into him he cursed the activist judges who had tied the hands of the police and released sin and wickedness upon society.  In the old days officials knew right from wrong, and the laws allowed police to round up the harlots who tempted men into sin and polluted this once-great nation with their lewdness.  But slowly, over time, they had seduced judges and lawmakers, bewitching them into dismantling laws which protected men and their families from wanton women, and now they could brazenly practice their whoredom without fear of punishment.  For years he had been sickened by the sight of their advertisements; the adult information channels were befouled by them, and in time he had come to realize that it was the duty of moral and Godly men to perform the task the government had abdicated.  He knew it was a sign of weakness in him to complain about the cold while performing a sacred duty, but surely it wasn’t wrong to be angry with the authorities for forcing him out on such an unpleasant night to do their jobs for them.

Unfortunately, the more beautiful and seductive harlots had become wealthy enough by the multitude of their sins to be able to afford bodyguards, and they were so sought-after by lustful men that they could demand thorough screening procedures before seeing them; it was thus impossible for him to reach any of those.  Likewise, the pimps and madams who set up brothels hired guards for the whores they employed; he thus had to trust that Divine justice would take care of these pampered and protected hussies.  But the degraded trollops who sold their wares on the street, those were within his reach!  He had already sent five of the filthy animals to Hell, and God willing he would send another to her well-deserved fate tonight.

As he was about to step from the alley into the street he had chosen for tonight’s work, he heard the soft whine of a police cruiser and quickly drew back into the shadows.  What irony!  They were both on the side of law and righteousness, yet he had to hide from the police because they had been ordered by their corrupt superiors to hunt him down.  Oh, yes, they were looking for him, but they wouldn’t find him; he was too clever and understood his quarry too well.  Though their filthy trade was no longer illegal, streetwalkers rarely bothered to keep their licenses up to date and often violated nuisance laws by approaching men; though they could not be arrested they could certainly be ticketed for these administrative infractions, and since few of them bothered to pay those tickets they were just as interested in avoiding the police as he was.  The best areas for hunting them were thus also the safest places, far from the prying eyes of surveillance cameras.

He soon found what he was looking for; though the chill of the evening required her to cover her obscene attire with an overcoat her painted face and high heels gave her away.  And what honest woman would be on the street alone, especially on a night like this?  He boldly walked up to her as she sheltered from the wind in the doorway of a decaying 20th century building and said “Good evening.”

Her smile revealed a face that might once have been pretty before it was ruined by indulgence in lusts of the flesh.  “Hi,” she said in a deceptively sweet voice.  “Since it’s an awful night to be out, you must be looking for some company.”

It disgusted him to have to be social with this creature, but he knew God would forgive him the deception necessary to get her alone where his work would not be disturbed.  “Yes, I am.  How much?”

“$200,” she said.  He inwardly recoiled; how could a woman sell herself so cheaply?  This foul creature was willing to fornicate with anyone for only a few hours’ wages at a real job!  But he kept his true feelings from his face and simply nodded.  Then she said, “I’m Tina; what’s your name?”


She laughed.  “Well, that’s OK, Tina ain’t my real name either.  Come on, let’s get out of this weather.”  With that, she opened the door behind them and led him into the dingy foyer, up a gray concrete staircase which smelled faintly of urine, and down a dismal hall to her room.  After closing the door she removed her overcoat, revealing the sort of tacky, sluttish dress he expected.

She then told him to get comfortable; he knew what that meant.  Why didn’t these whores ever say anything directly?  Why did they have to cloak everything in lies and deceit?  It just made him that much angrier, and he concentrated on that righteous anger as he removed his overcoat, reaching into his pocket for the knife concealed there.

As he drew it out he tossed the overcoat aside and slammed his body into the whore, bearing her back onto the bed with all his weight; with his left hand choking her to stifle her screams he plunged the surgically-sharp blade into her body just below the left breast.  Again and again he drove the knife into her, with most of the blows landing in her abdomen.  Blood spattered his clothes, but no matter; his overcoat would cover it on his way home.  Like another demon-haunted soul of two centuries past, merely killing these fallen women was not enough for him; he wanted to mutilate them, to tear the flesh from them, to spill their entrails on the floor in order to completely destroy the organs they had so dishonored by their harlotry.  But before he could achieve the full release of anger he so badly needed, his knife-hand was abruptly stopped in mid-swing by a viselike grip on his wrist; the pressure was so intense that the knife dropped from suddenly nerveless fingers.

“You have the right to remain silent.”

The words were delivered in a quiet, steady soprano completely devoid of emotion, and for a moment he was confused as to their source; but the truth soon dawned on him as the mutilated prostitute sat up, his right wrist held immobile in her left hand.

“Anything you say will be recorded as all your words and actions up to now have been, and may be used in evidence in a court of law.”

It was like a nightmare or some horrible video; the mundane, prescribed words continued to pour calmly and evenly from the mouth of a woman who could not possibly be alive.  “You have the right to speak to an attorney.  If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.  Do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you?”

He nodded dumbly, and she continued.  “Please do not struggle; you cannot escape and I have no wish to cause unnecessary injury.  I have already called for the police and they will be here within a minute.  Do not be afraid; we understand that you are mentally ill and you will be taken to a facility where you can be helped.”

As if on cue, a squad of blue-armored policemen filed into the room, accompanied by two men in medical coats.  They began to move quietly around the room, taking pictures and collecting samples; one picked up his overcoat, and another lifted his fallen knife with gloved hands and transferred it to a plastic bag.  One of the medics examined him, shining a light into his eye while the other injected him with a spray hypodermic.  None of them spoke to him, nor he to any of them; after the medic released his head he simply sat there, staring at the mutilated belly of the whore, until a voice said “let’s go”.  Then the woman rose, drawing him up alongside of her, and as she stood a large slab of lacerated muscle fell from her body, revealing beneath a rib of stainless steel.

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O what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!
–  Sir Walter Scott

Some of my readers may be familiar with The Real Princess Diaries, the blog of a supposed escort and sex educator named “Alexa di Carlo”.  The blog was very popular (over 2 million visitors in its lifetime) but also quite controversial due to the fact that many of “Alexa’s” posts were…well, creepy.  “She” advocated unsafe sex practices, said a lot of things which revealed an astonishing ignorance of our world and attacked and tried to discredit sex and/or prostitutes’ rights activists.  The reason for all these things is that she was, as many of us suspected all along, a dude pretending to be a woman.  On October 22nd a blog called Expose a Bro revealed that “Alexa”, an escort hobbyist named “Matt” and a precocious teenage girl named “Caitlain” were all aliases of a civil-service computer programmer named Thomas Bohannan who played his various online personas off of one another in order to excite himself, manipulate escorts and solicit nude pictures from teenagers.  I cannot possibly tell the story as well as you can read it directly from the source, nor could any commentary I might make on the downfall of “Alexa” be remotely as brilliant and dead-on as that written by Furry Girl in her blog of last Wednesday (November 10th).

But the whole tawdry affair got me thinking about the larger issue of why so many men like to get up in what I call “cyberdrag”.  Obviously, as I discussed in my column of September 20th there are plenty of men in real life who like to dress in drag for one reason or another, but on the internet it practically constitutes an epidemic.  Since I cannot believe that every guy who pretends to be a woman in chat rooms is a transsexual, a transvestite or even a closet homosexual, something else must be going on…but what the hell is it?  I suspect the major reason is attention; women get more attention than men, so an easy way for a lonely geek to stand out in a crowded chat room would be to present himself as female.  The fact that he’s not homosexual might be immaterial for the same reason trolls delight in sowing discord in order to provoke angry replies: to the immature psyche all attention is good attention.  Just as the troll values insults equally with compliments, so the heterosexual gender-bender might value male attention equally with female.  And just as the troll may find a sense of power in being able to manipulate others’ emotions, so too perhaps the gender-bender relishes the power an attractive woman has over men.  This theory is supported by the fact that female personas adopted by males are always claimed to be sexy and young; I daresay no chat-room gender-bender ever pretended to be a fat old grandmother!

Another possibility is plain male horniness; if a heterosexual man wants to create an interactive pornographic story with someone else to wank himself to, the game will require one participant of each gender.  And since vastly more men than women are interested in “cybersex”, the chances are highly in favor of any willing parties he meets being male; he therefore needs to create a female character in order to get a two-way interaction going.  If this theory is correct such a man isn’t really identifying with his adopted female persona; he’s just writing words for her character to create a porn story.  Some other practitioners of “cyberdrag” are certainly homosexual or gender-confused; still others may be cops or reaction-forming perverts pretending to be young girls in order to entrap men in sexual conversations.  It puts me in mind of a signature line I once saw: “The internet:  Where men are boys, women are men and children are cops.”  And also, this video.

So, which of these, if any, was Bohannan’s motivation?  It appears to have been mostly about attention, power and sexual gratification; his “Alexa” persona gained him plenty of attention from fans and allowed him to function as a sort of uber-troll messing with people’s reputations offline as well as on, and his pose as an “expert” perhaps gave him the respect he could not command in his dead-end job.  Also, as “Alexa” he could forge his own escort referrals to “her” favorite client, “Matt”, who was a fan of the sort of misogynistic porn activities I discussed in my column of October 28th.  In the final analysis, though, I have to agree with the writer of Expose a Bro:  The man was a sociopath and needed to be “outed” in order to protect people from his malevolent manipulation.

I’m going to cut the column short today to give you more time to read Expose a Bro and Furry Girl’s Feminisn’t, but I want to leave you with one more thought:  Please notice how this genuine predator was exposed.  It wasn’t by an expensive multi-state FBI operation arresting hundreds of women who were just trying to make a living and feed their kids, nor by sleazy cops pretending to be hookers and/or clients, nor by neofeminists or trafficking activists working to “rescue” people, nor by crusading journalists courageously fighting “for the children”.  He was found out by a number of perceptive members of the sex worker community, working to remove dangerous vermin from our midst.  Similarly, a group of prostitutes in Dayton, Ohio recently helped to catch a serial rapist (paraphrased from Brandy Devereaux’s TCAA site):

A tip from an outraged prostitute led to Friday’s arrest of a suspected serial rapist, one of whose alleged victims was a 15-year-old girl snatched off the street on her way home from school.  “We received a call from a ‘lady of the night’ who was appalled that the girl had been raped,” Sgt. Tom Flanders said following the arrest of Billy Balidbid, 26, of Fairborn.  “She said she’d seen the sketch of the suspect and said he had contact with him…She got the ball rolling.”  That led detectives to other prostitutes who said they had been beaten and raped by the suspect.  Though police did not have a name, they had enough information on the suspect’s behaviors and patterns to set up a sting.  Friday morning before dawn, when Balidbid pulled up to an officer disguised as a prostitute, detectives swooped in for the arrest…from the information that Balidbid gave detectives, they have connected him to at least five other rapes dating back to early this summer.

What the prohibitionists refuse to recognize is that if we were allowed to, we could do this ALL THE TIME.  If prostitution were decriminalized we could report those who rape us, attempt to manipulate us or give our honorable profession a bad name by exploiting young girls.  If you really want to fight “human trafficking”, lobby for decriminalization so we can work with the police and root out the predators where they live.

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A man who moralizes is usually a hypocrite, and a woman who moralizes is invariably plain. –  Oscar Wilde

I’ve discussed the “Swedish Model” (also called the “Nordic Model”) of prohibition several times before, most completely in my column of October 14th, and in my column of November 4th I predicted that more and more prohibitionists would shift to the Swedish rhetoric in order to capitalize on “human trafficking” hysteria, deflect arguments based on women’s right to control our own bodies and win the support of fence-sitters and even some misguided whores.  Well, I didn’t have to wait long for evidence; on November 8th the Police Department of Montgomery County, Maryland (suburban Washington, DC) posted the following manifesto on its website.  It goes far beyond the usual police distortions, omissions and blatant lies; pay close attention to the Nordic Model subtext which permeates the document and (by its presence on an official website) signals a shift in Maryland’s policy to this boldly misogynistic rhetoric attempting to disguise itself as concern for prostitutes.

The detectives in the Vice and Intelligence Section of the Special Investigations Division of the Montgomery County Police Department want to advise the public of initiatives they have enacted to address the growing concern of human trafficking.

The crime of human trafficking/prostitution may be thought to be a victimless and voluntary crime.  That notion is frequently portrayed in films and television shows but those story lines have very little to do with reality.  Although it is true that the demand side of the crime is voluntary, the provider side is often not voluntary.  The provider may not be a lone entity.  The provider can be exploited for money and often coerced through violent means by individuals, and that may go unnoticed by the public and law enforcement.  Frequently faceless corporations and persons that utilize the unregulated internet to openly promote illegal activities for a price benefit financially from this crime and fail to take any responsibility for it.

The public may not be as aware of the crime of human trafficking because it is generally hidden from public view.  The advertisement, recruitment, and exploitation of victims occur on a variety of internet sites.  Some internet sites have been created with the sole purpose of promoting the crime of human trafficking, but internet social sites are also commonly used to recruit victims into human trafficking.

The Montgomery County Police Department is committed to addressing the true benefactors of human trafficking and making them accountable for their illegal activities.  The following initiatives have been developed over the past year to address the use of the internet by individuals to promote and financially benefit from human trafficking:

1. The Vice Section has effectively shut down escort websites that blatantly advertise activities that are illegal in Maryland.  No other crime is so openly confessed to in any forum as the crime of human trafficking.  The Vice Section is using a variety of investigative techniques to make web hosts accountable for their complicity in the advertising of human trafficking.  Consequently, Web Hosts are eliminating the internet site from their servers.  This tactic has eliminated the internet sites for TGND Talent, Diamond Escorts, and Desirable Companions.  Sadly, these sites are now moving to servers outside the USA to continue their illegal activities.

2. The Vice Section has effectively infiltrated the Erotic Review website and identified key members of the group.  The Erotic Review is a website where members openly confess to illegal activities.  The website’s members rate women’s appearance, sexual performance, etc. while providing information on contact numbers, organized crime outfits, and local police activities.

3. The Vice Section through plea agreements is now operating established and once legitimate escort internet sites where “johns” are currently providing names, places of employment, and contact numbers as if they are communicating with the now defunct service.  These contacts are being utilized to arrange “john stings” and identify individuals on the demand side of human trafficking.

4. The Montgomery County Police Department has established a spread sheet that identifies all individuals advertising and participating in human trafficking in the jurisdiction of Montgomery County.  This spreadsheet identifies participants in human trafficking by name, alias, escort service, telephone number, etc.  The primary internet advertisers of human trafficking (EROS and Backpage) are being officially notified that these specific individuals are utilizing their site to participate in illegal activities.  The Vice Section is also requesting that Backpage and EROS discontinue the future advertisement of these individuals or be prepared to be found complicit in the crime of human trafficking.

5. The official notification to EROS and Backpage that probable cause exists that specific services and individuals have been found to be involved in human trafficking/prostitution and are utilizing their site to promote their illegal activities will eliminate their thinly veiled defense that they are not actively participating in prostitution.  This official notification will place these sites into the position of possible civil and criminal ramifications for failure to refuse these individuals advertising space on the sites.

6. The Vice Section has initiated outreach to individuals working in the sex trade.  The goal of this outreach program is to provide workers in the sex trade industry a safe place to report violence against them.  This outreach has resulted in one arrest warrant for robbery and a second report that should result in a warrant for violence committed against a sex worker.

The trafficked individuals are the face of the business and consequently the most exposed and accountable to law enforcement and the judiciary.  The true profiteers of human trafficking have learned to make large profits while allowing others to take all the risk.  These legal investigative tactics are bringing vice investigations into the 21st century and making everyone involved in the organized crime of human trafficking accountable for their actions.

As you can see, the post is nothing like the usual “we’re gonna bust them dirty whores” police strutting; it is as straightforward a piece of Nordic Model propaganda as I have ever seen, recast in the form of a typical police threat-announcement.  The second paragraph starts with a series of outright lies straight out of the standard propaganda pamphlet (including a total reversal of the truth by claiming that whore-positive media portrayals are false).  Then the rampant word-substitutions begin; throughout the document Nordic Model words and phrases are substituted for objective terminology as though by use of a word processor “search and replace” function.   Prostitution is called “human trafficking”, hookers are called “victims” and “trafficked individuals”, escort services are called “organized crime outfits”, clients are called “the demand side of human trafficking”, stage names are called “aliases”, and escort advertising sites are said to be “complicit in the crime of human trafficking”.  Finally, section 6 and the concluding paragraph are nothing but a gingerbread house; by pretending to be concerned for our welfare, these ogres wish to lure naïve young girls in so as to pump them for information, use them as bait and thus make them pariahs in their trade, unable to earn a living as they choose and thereby forced into whatever menial labor they can find from such human traffickers as Wal-Mart and McDonald’s.

“Nordic model” propaganda pamphlet

Though the posturing and threats contained in sections 4 and 5 are wholly impotent because neither Backpage nor Eros are domiciled in Maryland (another reason tyrants all over the world hate the internet), their threats to infiltrate websites and bust clients in Maryland are not, and the chilling effect on Washington area escorts’ business will not be inconsiderable.  This is, of course, the whole Swedish strategy:  Concentrate on busting as many men as possible so as to scare the rest and decimate prostitutes’ business, thereby forcing many of those without an established client base out of the profession without having to arrest a single one and thereby demonstrating their outrageous sexism.  The Montgomery County Police Department’s unethical behavior doesn’t stop with lies and threats, either; on November 5th they resorted to spamming by attempting to use the Washington, DC site of Backpage itself to threaten potential clients!  The spam was quickly flagged as inappropriate content and removed by Backpage administration, but a computer-savvy escort was able to retrieve the posting from her cache and post it on an escort information board.  Note that the original contained the legal names of the men whose TER handles appear below, but since unlike the police I understand the concepts of “ethics” and “privacy rights” I have replaced the names with asterisks.

Montgomery County Police Seeking Information – 99

posted: November 5, 2010, 12:39 PM

The Montgomery County, Department of Police, Vice Section, is tasked with investigating those involved in Human Trafficking and Prostitution.  In doing so, the Vice Section has obtained information through informants and other investigative means on individuals that have frequented an internet site known as www.theeroticreview.com (TER), Date Check, Preferred 411 and Back Channel.  The Vice Section has compiled a list of individuals, along with email addresses, home and work phone numbers, home and business addresses and the handles associated with these sites.  In an effort to further our investigation the Vice Section is seeking the assistance of others who have information on the following individuals on TER:

the-mailman – *************
mpduration – *************
bertlancaster – *************
Nuvela Man – *************
Geojohn – *************
Bill Nilla – *************
Tophervette – *************
Biggered – *************

Please contact the Vice Section at [their email address] with any information on these individuals.

Poster’s age: 99

As much as I’ve said and will continue to say about the evil, misogyny and tyranny inherent in the “Swedish Model”, it cannot hope to compare with the knowledge of an anthropologist specializing in sex work.  I thereby leave you with this link to an essay on the moral bankruptcy of prohibitionists, which appeared on The Naked Anthropologist, the blog of Laura Agustín (author of Sex at the Margins: Migration, Labour Markets and the Rescue Industry) on the same day as the Montgomery County announcement was published.

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If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.  The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.  It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State. –  Joseph Goebbels

The following article appeared on the FBI website on Tuesday; since it is from a public entity I will reprint it verbatim.  Read it carefully, recognizing what it says and what it doesn’t say; I’ll interpolate my comments between paragraphs.

Over the past 72 hours, the FBI, its local and state law enforcement partners, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) concluded Operation Cross Country V, a three-day national enforcement action as part of the Innocence Lost National Initiative.  The operation included enforcement actions in 40 cities across 34 FBI divisions around the country and led to the recovery of 69 children who were being victimized through prostitution.  Additionally, nearly 885 others, including 99 pimps, were arrested on state and local charges.

The very first thing which should jump out at you is “885 others, including 99 pimps, were arrested on state and local charges.”  How do they know that 99 were pimps?  Were they wearing garish clothes and funny hats?  Or perhaps they had ID cards in their wallets which said “pimp”?  What this obviously translates into is that 99 of the people arrested have been accused of being pimps on the basis of their male gender, which means the other 786 people arrested were all adult female prostitutes.  Let that number sink in for a moment; this heroic “task force” action to supposedly rescue 69 “children who were being victimized through prostitution” (i.e. underage prostitutes, most of them 16-17) was actually just an excuse for the FBI to help local cops bust nearly 800 hookers, mostly streetwalkers and massage parlor girls but probably a number of escorts as well (there’s no way to tell until and unless an investigative journalist ferrets out the identities of those 786 unidentified “others”).  I think most of y’all can probably see why they’re not identified; it wouldn’t look too good if a raid on those who “prostitute women and children across many states” actually victimized hundreds of  “prostituted” women.

“Child prostitution continues to be a significant problem in our country, as evidenced by the number of children rescued through the continued efforts of our crimes against children task forces,” said Shawn Henry, executive assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch.  “There is no work more important than protecting America’s children and freeing them from the cycle of victimization.  Through our strategic partnerships with state and local law enforcement agencies, we are able to make a difference.”

Let’s see now, the last propaganda figure I saw said there were 200,000 “prostituted children” in the US, and your raid just rescued how many?  69.  Allowing both figures are correct (which is generous indeed), that’s 0.0345%.  Offhand, I’d call that a colossal failure and therefore nothing to brag about.  “There is no work more important than protecting America’s children and freeing them from the cycle of victimization.” If you really believe that, why do you continue to support a strategy which clearly doesn’t work?  Why not try something new, like, oh, I don’t know, decriminalizing adult prostitution so we and our clients can help y’all find the underage girls and bust their pimps?  “Through our strategic partnerships with state and local law enforcement agencies, we are able to make a difference.” 0.0345% is not a difference.  If you were robbed of $2000 and the cops succeeded in recovering 69¢ of it, would you consider that something for them to swagger and crow about?  I sure wouldn’t.

Task Force operations usually begin as local actions, targeting such places as truck stops, casinos, street “tracks,” and Internet websites, based on intelligence gathered by officers working in their respective jurisdictions.  Initial arrests are often violations of local and state laws relating to prostitution or solicitation.  Information gleaned from those arrested often uncovers organized efforts to prostitute women and children across many states.  FBI agents further develop this information in partnership with U.S. Attorney’s Offices and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS) and file federal charges where appropriate.  To date, the 39 Innocence Lost Task Forces and Working Groups have recovered over 1,200 children from the streets.  The investigations and subsequent 625 convictions have resulted in lengthy sentences, including multiple 25-years-to-life sentences and the seizure of more than $3.1 million in assets.

This paragraph is the gold mine.  “Task Force operations…[target] such places as truck stops, casinos…and Internet websites, based on intelligence gathered by officers working in their respective jurisdictions.” What all this high-falutin’ talk translates into is “prostitution stings”.  “Initial arrests are often violations of local and state laws relating to prostitution or solicitation.” In other words, popping hookers; this is their attempt to justify literally “making a federal case” out of misdemeanor prostitution busts.  “Information gleaned from those arrested often uncovers organized efforts to prostitute women and children across many states.” This is the most ominous-sounding sentence in the whole story, but do you understand what it means?  It means they threaten clients and escorts with unending federal and state persecution (including but not limited to Mann Act prosecutions, IRS audits and “Child Protective Services” Gestapo actions) unless they cough up their usernames and passwords for escort advertising websites and review boards (“organized efforts to prostitute women…across many states”) so the FBI and local cops can set up stings for escorts.

“… the 39…Task Forces and Working Groups have recovered over 1,200 children from the streets…and [have resulted in] 625 convictions…” Let’s assume the arrest rate in this particular “task force” is the same as that in the other 38; that means they’ve arrested about 15,391 people so far, of which 13,669 were whores.  But out of all that, they’ve only scored 625 convictions, or 4.06%.  Now, I’m not exactly an expert in law, but something tells me a 4% conviction rate isn’t very good; given the ease with which the Feds railroad people, I would call it terrible.  What we have here is a boondoggle on a massive scale, resulting in a diversion of federal funds to arrest women for violating local laws under the aegis of “protecting children.”

In the spring of 2003, the FBI’s Criminal Investigative Division, in partnership with the Department of Justice’s CEOS and NCMEC, formed the Innocence Lost National Initiative to address the growing problem of children forced into prostitution.  “The leadership of the FBI and the Justice Department in attacking domestic child trafficking and prostitution is historic,” said Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  “Once again, Operation Cross Country has awakened the nation to the fact that today, American children are being marketed and sold for sex in American cities.  These kids are victims.  This is 21st century slavery.  We are proud to be a part of this extraordinary partnership to rescue children, save lives, and bring the pimps and operators to justice.”

This program brings state and federal law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and social service providers all from around the country to NCMEC, where the groups are trained together.  In addition, CEOS has reinforced the training by assigning prosecutors to help bring cases in those cities plagued by child prostitution.  The FBI thanks the over 2,100 local, state, and federal law enforcement officers representing 186 separate agencies who participated in Operation Cross Country and ongoing enforcement efforts.  The charges announced today are merely accusations, and all defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law.

The last two paragraphs are basically nothing but hot air full of the usual misidentifications and conflations; teenagers are defined as “children”, advertising or review websites referred to as “operators” or “pimps”, the problem is “ever-increasing” (which again means their tactics are ineffective), and putting people to sleep is described as “awakening” them.  Fortunately, not everyone is subject to propaganda-induced hypnosis; I leave you with this article by Joanna Chiu about the so-called “Innocence Lost” scam, courtesy of (appropriately enough) RealityCheck.org.

(Special thanks to Brandy Devereaux for featuring a “sneak preview” of this column on her TCAA site).

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I am a woman who enjoys herself very much; sometimes I lose, sometimes I win. –  Mata Hari

Today is Armistice Day, the ninety-second anniversary of the end of the First World War; in observance of this day, I would like to present a short biography of the most famous courtesan of the period (and indeed one of the most famous whores of all time), Mata Hari.  Though she was executed by the French for espionage on October 15th, 1917 and her name is practically synonymous with “female spy”, it is unlikely that she was guilty of the crime for which she was executed and may have been used as a scapegoat by the real culprit.

Margaretha Geertruida Zelle was born on August 7th, 1876, in Leeuwarden, Friesland, the eldest of four children of Adam and Antje Zelle.  Her father was quite wealthy, so she received an excellent education until she was 13, at which time her father went bankrupt and her parents divorced.  Her father remarried in 1893, but Margaretha did not get along with her stepmother and so went to live with her godfather.  She started studying to be a kindergarten teacher, but when the headmaster of her school began to flirt with her the outraged godfather removed her from the school.  This caused her to become estranged from him, so she went to live with an uncle instead.  Early in 1895 the 18-year-old girl answered a marriage advertisement placed by a Dutch Colonial Army officer named Rudolf MacLeod and moved with him to Java, then part of the Dutch East Indies.

Rudolph and Margaretha MacLeod, 1897

Her marriage was not a happy one; the first of her two children died at the age of two from congenital syphilis, and her much-older husband was a violent alcoholic who beat and otherwise mistreated her; as if that weren’t bad enough, he openly kept a second native wife and also a concubine.   Margaretha temporarily left him, moved in with another Dutch officer, and began studying Indonesian culture; she soon joined a local dance company, and at that time first assumed her stage name Mata Hari, Indonesian for “eye of the day” (i.e. the sun).  Her husband eventually talked her into coming back to him, but since he had not changed she continued to dance and to study Indonesian culture.  After they moved back to the Netherlands they separated in 1902 and divorced in 1906, with her husband retaining custody of their daughter.  Margaretha moved to Paris, where she joined the circus as a horse rider (under the name Lady MacLeod) and an artist’s model.  But since neither of these trades was very profitable she became an exotic dancer under her old stage name, Mata Hari.  By 1905 she was wildly popular and soon became the mistress of a millionaire industrialist named Emile Guimet; her publicity claimed that she was a Javanese princess who had practiced sacred Hindu dance since childhood.  She was photographed numerous times during this period, often nude, and some of these pictures were used by her husband in their divorce to argue that she was an unfit mother.

Whatever she may have felt about losing her daughter, she did not let it affect her performances, and her fame soon spread through western Europe; her dancing was sensual and erotic, and her act included what we would now call a striptease.  She rarely removed her bra, however, because she was self-conscious about being small-breasted.  It didn’t seem to bother anyone else; by 1910 she was the most highly-paid courtesan in Europe.  She moved in wealthy circles and her clientele included high-ranking military officers, politicians and noblemen of several countries (including the crown prince of Germany).  Her fame inspired an army of imitators and a number of enemies among jealous critics, who claimed she was nothing but an exhibitionist whose performances lacked artistic merit.  One of these snobs described her as “a dancer who does not know how to dance.”  At the height of her popularity she was able to laugh these people off, but in the climate of intrigue and paranoia which enveloped Europe in the months before the Great War began some of her enemies began to whisper that her seductiveness and free movement across international borders made her a security risk.

The Netherlands were neutral in the conflict, so Mata Hari continued to travel to visit her clients even as the war raged.  To avoid the battle zones she usually traveled through Spain or Britain, which attracted the attention of military intelligence agencies; once she was detained by British intelligence and admitted to working as a French agent, but the French denied her statement.  It is still unknown if the French merely lied to avoid offending their British allies, or if Mata Hari had merely made the story up to placate the officers who had detained her.  Then in January 1917, the German military attaché in Madrid sent a coded radio message to Berlin describing the activities of a German spy called H-21; when French intelligence intercepted the messages they identified H-21 as Mata Hari.  But since the message was sent in a code that the Germans knew had already been broken by the French, there is some suspicion that the message may have been meant to be intercepted.

On February 13th, 1917, she was arrested in her room at the Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris and put on trial for espionage; she was accused of causing the deaths of at least 50,000 soldiers by the information she had passed on.  Unsurprisingly, she was found guilty and executed by firing squad on October 15th, 1917; she was 41.  Most modern biographers doubt she was ever a double-agent, though it is possible she may have been working as a spy for the French since she is known to have had a relationship with Georges Ladoux, the head of French counter-espionage, who was later found to be a double-agent himself and may therefore have arranged to frame Mata Hari so as to draw suspicion away from himself.  The final truth may be revealed in 7 years; the official case documents were sealed for 100 years, but in 1985 a biographer named Russell Howe managed to convince the French Minister of National Defense to open the file and he said that the documents within proved her innocent.  We will soon know if he was telling the truth when the file becomes public in October of 2017.

Mata Hari in 1910

There are a number of rumors about her execution; one is that she blew a kiss to her executioners or her lawyer (who was present), and another that her last words were “Harlot, yes, but traitor, never!”  She was not bound and refused a blindfold, facing death bravely and dying without a cry or a change of expression after she was shot.  Her body was not claimed by her family and so was used for medical study; her head was embalmed and kept in the Museum of Anatomy in Paris, but disappeared around 1954 when the collection was relocated.  The Frisian Museum in Leeuwarden, Netherlands has a “Mata Hari Room” containing a wealth of information on the courtesan and possible spy who was the town’s most famous native.  The romantic facts of her life and the cinematic end to her career have spawned a legend which dwarfs the real woman; she is practically the archetype of the femme fatale, and fictionalized versions of her have appeared in countless books, movies, television shows and even video games, the most famous of which was the 1931 movie Mata Hari, starring Greta Garbo.  This movie set the pattern which all other treatments were to follow:  Other than the name and a few important particulars, the life of the character in the movie bore very little resemblance to that of the real lady, and so it has continued to this day.  Which, IMHO, is a pity; I think her real life was more than interesting enough without Hollywood embellishment.

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